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Using Candles At Wealth Areas To Call On The Fortune Gods

While health and relationship issues are often a focal point for homeowners who practice feng shui, the most common life aspect that people wish for is wealth luck.

This is why locating and activating wealth locations in the house is undoubtedly the most popular topic among feng shui enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Wealth corners of a house are typically energized by 3 categories of enhancers. read more

The Goddess Of Mercy (guan yin) In Feng Shui

The Goddess of mercy is one of the most well-recognized religious figures not just in China and many parts of Asia, but also is many parts of the world (including western countries) even when Buddhism or Taoism followers are a minority.

So well loved is the goddess that in various countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc, have erected temples dedicated to worshiping her.

While she is associated with Buddhism, many people who are not Buddhist and even freethinkers pray to her for well wishes. read more

The Yin Yang Concept

The concept of Yin Yang is the most basic fundamental across Chinese philosophy, culture, and metaphysics. Even in spiritual and religious practice.

This means that the teachings and practice of yin ying knows no boundaries.

While people often term yang as masculine energy and yin as feminine energy, this is not totally correct. read more