The 1 White Star Often Don’t Get The Credit It Deserves

Among the 3 auspicious white stars in flying stars feng shui, almost all the attention is always focused on the wealth star 8. But when properly activated and nurtured, the 1 white star can be as potent as star #8 in attracting good fortune in terms of finances.

It is generally seen as a star that brings positive connotations and is strongly associated with investment luck and wealth accumulation.

In the practice of flying star feng shui, rookies often look towards to determining where is the wealth star 8 when trying to invoke money luck for themselves or others. And they fail to notice the carrot that is right in front of them, which is the white star 1.

Attributes of the 1 white

The one white is the first of the 9 stars in the practice of flying stars feng shui analysis.

It’s mandarin name is tan lang xing (贪狼星) which literally translate to greedy wolf star.

While the west often view the word greedy in bad light, eastern culture with the word is more neutral. In fact, you’d often find people joking about themselves being greedy and see the funny side of it in a light-hearted way.

It’s not that being greedy is something to be proud of. It just that it’s nothing to be ashamed of either.

This has to be made clear as the Chinese name things with words that are well thought out. Chinese characters also originate from pictorials that carry a lot of meaning behind them. And it is no coincidence that the word greed is used as part of the name for the 1 white star.

And the word greedy in this context conveys money luck in a positive way.

It is also associated with innovation, knowledge, wisdom, nobility, reputation, emotions, spirit of enterprise, investments, mentors, etc.

This star is (as you might have guessed) associated with the number 1, and the kan gua. It has a water element base. And has it’s spiritual home at the north.

Because this lucky star is of water element base, it would:

  • Be empowered by water
  • Get energized by metal
  • Become eccentric when it meets fire
  • Get battered by earth
  • Exhausted by wood

This means that when it is a favorable star, it can be strengthened by water and metal. And when it’s an active unfavorable star, it should ideally be weakened by the strategic placement of wood.

Because the white star #1 is the only star among that 9 that has an inherent water element base, it is unique and is the only source of water star-based energy that can be used in flying stars.

In terms of flying star combinations, it can be generally be deduced that:

  • When it meets itself in a 1-1 star combination, good luck can be multiplied should feng shui be properly set up.
  • When coupled with star 2, one can expect health problems related to the stomach area.
  • When it meets the wood stars of 3 and 4, it increases the strength of the conflict star 3 and boost the effects of the academic star 4.
  • With 5 yellow, it can signify adversity created by forces beyond your control.
  • Star 6 with star 1 represents advancement, progression and an ability to turn ideas into reality.
  • When star 7 comes into the picture, it signals a development of communication abilities. It can also be linked to entertainment.
  • A 1-8 combination means income in adversity
  • When star 9 comes into the picture, it is a sum of ten combination related to wisdom, investment and recognition.

Take note that the above information on star combinations are pretty generic. In feng shui, there are always exceptions.

Activating the white water star 1

While there are various ways where the water star 1 can pop up around the house, including as an annual star, the most influential ones are generally accepted to be when it shows up as either a mountain star or water star.

Where it resides in these two positions can be determined by drawing up the flying stars natal chart of a property.

For example, if a house was built in the year 2005 and has the facing of directly northeast, then it would have the below birth chart.

The mountain star 1 can be observed as the number 1 at the top left corner in the north grid, while the water star can be observed as the number 1 at the top right of the southeast grid.

The activation of both stars is comprehensively explained here.

But if you don’t want to read the details, just know that mountains stars are activated by the presence of mountains in the sector, while water stars are activated by the presence of water in the sector.

This means that it would be a favorable orientation if a mountain, skyscraper, or large rocks, are present in the north sector of the property. While the water star would be switched on should there be the presence of water features, ponds or riverbanks in the southeast.

In the absence of natural landscape features, then you would have to set them up in order to wake up the favorable stars from their slumber.

At the same time, an star might be able to accumulate positive energy. But it might be too erratic for a household to properly tap on should the right conditions not be present.

This can be caused by sha chi in that particular sector constantly disturbing the star.

Which is why sha chi in these sectors have to be effectively alleviated in order to reap the most of the positive effects a 1 white star brings.

There are just too many types of sha chi to list down here.

But the most potent ones have been discussed in great detail before concerning windows and main doors.

Enhancing the 1 white star

In feng shui, we often use words like enhance, energize, invigorate, etc, when talking about managing energy source.

They all basically mean the same thing, which is to strengthen the strength of the energy source.

It’s just that being equipped with a bag of impressive vocabulary can often make practitioners (like me) appear more refined… 😀

Something important to note is that activating a star is not the same as enhancing it.

It is best at this point to use a metaphor to explain this idea in a simple manner. To activate it is to turn on the engines. And to enhance refers to revving it up.

This also implies that should an engine not be started, then it would be impossible to rev it up. And while a moving vehicle can bring you to your destination, it can be at a snail’s pace when the accelerator is not stepped on. Yet if you floor it, there can be a high risk of accidents.

This is why even though favorable stars bring good fortune, care must still be taken when working with them.

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The water star 1 is enhanced by water elements and metal elements.

This is guided by the relationship between the 5 elements, and briefly touched on earlier.

Finally, if a 1 white star goes rouge and becomes an unfavorable star (which is possible), then it must be exhausted by wood element. Or in extreme cases, by earth element.

When this star turns negative, it can cause depression, stupidity, feeling lost, actual loss, bloodshed, etc.

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