The Sickness Star 2 Must Be Kept In Check For Good Health

Among the 3 infamous unfavorable stars among the 9 flying stars, the number 2 black star is known as the sickness star.

It roves about and shifts it’s position constantly in various time dimensions.

These time dimensions include:

  • 2-hourly
  • Daily
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • 20-yearly

This means that at any moment in time, 5 variants of them are influencing the energy sectors of a house.

The basics of flying star feng shui primarily addresses the 20-yearly star which corresponds to the 20 year period cycle.

And the 2-hourly and daily movements are generally considered too weak to pose any real feng shui afflictions of significant concern unless they form certain unfavorably powerful formations.

This leaves the monthly and annual illness star 2 that are strong enough to cause problems on it’s own to a household.

And thus, should be addressed accordingly to prevent a month or year of bad health in general.

Where the annual sickness 2 star is located in the current and upcoming years will be listed at the end of this article.

For now, please pay attention if you intend to subdue it.

The black star of sickness has the Chinese name 巨门星 which is pronounced as ju men xing and translates to big door star. It is also often referred to as bing fu xing (病符星) which basically means illness star.

Together with the 5 yellow and 8 white star, they form the axis of earth on the luo shu grid from northeast to center to southwest.

Because it is of earth element, the only elemental remedy that should be used to dissolve it is metal.

And only under extreme circumstances should wood be used to attack and destroy it.

The black star 2 is generally only a favorable star when it is the timely star. This means that it would be a source of feng shui energy that is welcomed during the period of 2.

However from a wealth perspective, it is related to land, real estate, assets, etc. Under the right circumstances, this can potentially be tapped onto where it is residing as a water star.

When it is tapped on favorably during it’s reigning period, it can bring wealth and success especially in areas of real estate, hard assets and land-related activities. Health-wise, it can also be linked to recovery and recuperation.

Keeping the illness star 2 in check

When the illness is left alone to reign in it’s glory, one can expect residents in the house to frequently experience health ailments like the flu, coughs and other common viruses.

In certain cases, it can also lead to life threatening illnesses. Especially for elderly women as it is associated with the Kun trigram because it occupies the same directional sector.

The close relation to this trigram also implies that health problems are often related to the digestive system and stomach.

As mentioned earlier, metal can be used as elemental cures to problematic areas where the star resides.

The presence of fire and/or earth will boost it’s strength and activity. This means that a sector of the house with the sickness star should best be void of fire colors like red and purple, and earth colors like yellow and orange.

Other than that, shapes indicative of the fire element like triangles and sharp edges, and earth shapes like square should be avoided as well.

The presence of metal colors like white and gold, and metal shapes like circles and spherical can play a part in helping to keep the negative earth star under control.

If you find that the 2 star is entering the house from the front door, consider painting the door white for the year.

And if possible, keep the door closed as much as you can until you tide over the year.

Doors should ideally be left open only if there is a metal gate or metal wind chime present.

If a window is in this afflicted area, then metal window grills would be very good as way to filter energy entering the house of this unfavorable earth energy.

But as we all know, no matter what types of filter we use to make tea, some tea leaves will still find their way through the sieve.

So on top of metal grills, a metal wind chime with 6 metal rods hung on the window can help to double-up the effectiveness of the energy filter.

Water can also play a role in depriving an earth star of energy, but it is only advisable to have it present when there is also the presence of metal.

Water on it’s own can ignite an arrogance from the sickness star.

If there is a window in this area and the framing is not made of metal, then the presence of metal shapes and colors as described above can make up for the lack of a metal grill.

Careful placement of other metallic objects like furniture, fixtures, sculptures, etc, can also beef up the metal energy to exhaust the power of the black sickness star.

A metal wind chime should still be hung as well.

Should the afflicted area happen to be a space with no windows or doors to the outside like a storeroom, it is best to keep the door closed as much as possible so as to “lock up” the unfavorable star in the corner without giving it a chance to roam about in the living space.

In this respect, a wooden door for the storeroom might be used so that it repels the earth-based star back every time it tries to get out via the door.

Sometimes, a house with a missing corner can find that an unfavorable star like the black star 2 residing in the missing corner.

Because this essentially means that the star and all it’s negative energy would be located outside the house, it automatically offers you the best way to keep it outside the house.

Just keep the doors and windows that open up to the missing sector closed.

Just like the door to the storeroom, such circumstances can incorporate wooden doors or window frames to repel the star from an entrance into the house.

Bad flying star combinations

The black star of sickness can cause a lot of trouble in the household on it’s own.

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But it’s adverse effects can be magnified and even multiplied when it meets certain stars.

Here are some star combinations that you should particularly be aware of.

2 – 2

It don’t happen often, but it is not impossible for a particular section of the home to house 2 sickness stars.

In such cases, grave sicknesses can befall the inhabitants when left uncheck.

They need to be directly addressed with metal energy.

2 – 3

Known as the bullfight sha, when the 2 earth star meets the 3 wood star, get ready to encounter conflicts within business and family relationships taking a toll on your mental health.

One might suffer from excessive stress, insomnia, and even depression.

The source of bad health will mostly be attributed to mental well-being.

2 – 5

Many feng shui masters agree that this is the worst star combination there is among the 81 possibilities.

This is because the 5 yellow is already the star of misfortune. Combined with the star of sickness, which is of the same element, it is basically a call for both undesirable stars to wreak havoc and call treat the domain as their own.

Just like the 2-2 combination, this star combination absolutely needs to be exhausted by the strong presence of metal energy.

Failing which, financial catastrophe can occur, as well as death in the family.

2 – 9

The sickness star receives a boost from the 9 star which brings fire energy.

Serious health problems can strike anyone in the family with elderly women especially vulnerable. Be wary of eye problems.

Finally, remember that when dealing with bad star combinations, cures and remedies have to be installed to address both stars.

Otherwise, dealing with only one will still leave the other the freedom to harm the residents.

Sickness star 2 location in current and upcoming years

Year Location
2018 West
2019 Northeast
2020 South
2021 North
2022 Southwest
2023 East
2024 Southeast
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