Subdue The 3 Green Star Of Conflict For A Peaceful Year

The 3 big annual afflictions of the grand duke, 3 killings, and the 5 yellow get all the publicity most of the time when managing the time dynamics of feng shui.

However, the conflict green star number 3 (or quarrelsome star) is one of the resident unfavorable stars that households should be wary of for a peaceful year.

Part of the reason the green star 3 does not get as much attention is that people who practice feng shui, or hobbyists, tend to focus more on enhancing wealth and health aspects of life.

But if the #3 star is allowed to roam freely to create chaos in the house, what’s wealth really worth when there is no family harmony within the home?

And in extreme circumstances, this star can even bring about legal problems into your life.

To subdue the conflict star, one has to first identify where it is at in the house.

The location of it follows the sequence of movements with flying star feng shui.

For easy reference, a table showing where it will be in the current and upcoming years ahead is included at the end of this article.

The green star of conflict has a Chinese name 绿存星 pronounced as Lu Cun Xing. It is also commonly known as the 3 jade star (三碧), and associated with the Chen trigram.

Together with the star 4, It is one of the two wooden stars. But unlike the 4 star which is mostly a favorable star, the green 3 is predominantly an unfavorable star that creates arguments and conflicts for members of the household.

The symbol of 3 is a tree. Strong rigid wood.

It is also linked to the attributes of competitiveness, dynamism, agility, perseverance, discipline, adventure, active lifestyle, etc.

When timely, it can bring success and achievements in areas related to vibrancy and movement such as sportsmen and military personnel. It is also linked to comebacks and leadership.

Keeping the quarrelsome star 3 under control

Remember that the 3 star is of wood element.

Even though according to the cycle of destruction, metal would destroy it, the use of metal against the 3 jade star can have dire consequences as it fires from all cylinders while fighting for it’s life.

As an annual flying star, it should be dissolved with the fire element.

Failing to manage it, a person who sleeps in a bedroom where this star is present is bound to encounter conflicts with people at work, argue with family members at home, and might even run into legal problems one way or another.

The presence of water in this area will be disastrous as it feeds the star with enhanced strength.

The presence of fire element can be enforced with the placement of:

It also goes without saying that the sector of a house where the 3 star resides should be left alone with as little activities as possible.

Having activities increase the yang energy in the area and would induce the 3 star to come alive and create disharmony in the household.

When badly aggravated, the jade star 3 can bring about negative gossip, bad misunderstandings that lead to long term conflict, aggressive backstabbing, and problems with the law such as lawsuits.

Health related problems with limbs and liver can also be a potential problem.

In symbolic feng shui, the laughing Buddha is often used as a counter to this star of conflict.

Because the laughing buddha is reminiscent of happiness, harmony and joy, it would be able to subdue the negative energy of a disharmonious nature directly with little effort.

Bad flying star combinations

While the green star 3 can wreak havoc in a house by itself, it’s prowess can be even more harmful when combined with other stars.

These undesirable star combinations can arise from the natal chart of a house when flying star feng shui is applied. It can also arise from annual and monthly stars roving about within the property.

3 – 2

This is another meeting between wood and earth as with the 3-5 combination.

Also known as the bullfight sha, be prepared to encounter back-stabbers and quarrels to occur frequently.

When left unmanaged, the constant stress from such issues can also lead to health problems.

3 – 3

Aggression meets aggression. Any underlying problems with harmony is exacerbated.

Get ready for conflicts and disputes that involves a lot of people.

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3 – 5

When the green star 3 meets the 5 yellow, wood meets earth. And this is a fight that would decimate everything around them.

This is because wood destroys earth. When this is allowed to happen, wood (which is represented by the 3 star in this case) would feel powerful from the conquest and might seek more “fun” to feed that thirst of winning.

Earth (represented by the 5 yellow) on the other hand would be pushed into a corner to meet it’s demise. And we all know what people and animal do when threatened this way with no escape route.

We fight back with everything we have in our arsenal.

A star configuration like this can lead to extreme financial loss that arise from conflicts.

3 – 7

While earth is cornered in the star combinations of 3-5 and 3-2, this time wood gets cornered by metal (represented by red star 7) as if to be executed.

The problem with this meeting of wood and metal is not so much as to cause conflicts in the office or home. The real problem is the 7 star of violence that would reign with it’s ego after slaying the 3 star.

This is a very bad combination that can result in physical aggression and violence originating from conflicts.

However, this combination can sometimes turn exceptionally positive due to the sum-of-ten configuration. This can relate to creation as metal is used to carve art out of wood.

Finally do keep in mind that when managing bad star combinations like the ones listed above, one specific remedy to subdue the 3 star is insufficient.

A combination of cures to alleviate both stars are required to effectively subdue the negative energy being harnessed in these bad sectors.

Conflict star 3 location in current and upcoming years

Year Location
2018 Northeast
2019 South
2020 North
2021 Southwest
2022 East
2023 Southeast
2024 Center
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