3 legged crow

The 3 legged crow is one of the many symbolic feng shui artifacts that have generally gone unnoticed in modern times.

This can be partly attributed to the lack of citation to it (三足烏) in classic Chinese literature.

Even as a prominent component of the 12 symbolic ornaments of sovereignity, it only appears as a companion to the sun.

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This means that it’s not one of the 12 objects, but the sun being one of them is accompanied by the 3 legged crow.

It is up to debate whether the crow controls the sun, is an avatar of it, or a guardian. But what is not disputed is that the crow has the ability to invoke the power of the sun.

It is also referred to as the sun crow and also makes a motif appearance in one of the 12 medallions embroidered on imperial garments. Some even insist that it’s a raven.

With such celestial capabilities, one wonders why it’s not as prominent as other feng shui animals such as the 3 legged frog.

Another reason for this is that across many cultures, the crow is believed as a creature associated with dark mystical arts and death.

For example, they often accompany evil witches when portrayed in movies.

So deep is this negative perception of crows embedded in popular culture that even feng shui masters who advocate the use of them often choose to refer to them as 3 legged birds instead.

The magical symbolism of the 3 legged crow is so revered that it has even made it’s way to Japanese and Korean mythology.

When called upon by residents practicing feng shui, it symbolizes progress, upspear growth, making headway, reaching a higher level, and things associated with promotion and advancement.

However, keep in mind that when using the sun crow for display, it is paramount that it must be accompanied by the sun as this is where it draws it’s powers and influence from.

Because of this, users must be mindful as the sun is a force to be reckoned with and too strong a solor burst can cause harm to residents of the house.

So it might be wise to slowly introduce them into the house instead of putting it right in the open immediately after acquiring one.

3 legged bird placement

As a symbolic monument, it can be typically placed in most areas of the house.

However, because of it’s fiery nature, you might want to avoid positioning it in sectors of the house with a strong water presence, be it the north or other areas.

This would undoubtedly douse it’s fire in the belly.

After all, it’s not one of the bird species that loves water such as geese and swans.

Saying that, putting it in the south with a fire elemental base will help it harness it’s powers.

But take note that feeding it with too much fire energy can encourage it to revolt against you. So do place cures and remedies to prevent fire hazards from occurring.

In the living room, never place it in an area where it is confronting your face-to-face as it can “blind” you.

This means never place it at the TV console where you will be looking at it without protection.

Having it beside or behind supporting you is the way to go. Such as on the side table beside the sofa.

It is recommended to place it in common areas with open space so that the auspicious energy it brings can shine down on all members of the household.

It can also be used as a remedy against the conflict flying star 3. When made with metal material, especially gold, it can serve as an effective blockade against the harmful illness-inducing stars of 2 and 5.

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