The 4 Green Star Brings Academic And Romance Luck

Among the 9 stars of flying stars feng shui, the stars 1, 6, 8, 9 are generally considered as favorable stars. While the stars 2, 3, 5, 7 are generally thought of as unfavorable stars.

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The one star that can be considered as neutral is the number 4 green star.

This is because most adults feel that they have no reason to enhance their academic luck at all. On top of that, spouses who are wary of the amount of attention their partners get from the opposite sex will not want their husband/wife to enjoy romance luck outside of their own relationship.

This is why homeowners who have a basic knowledge of feng shui would either fall into one of two camp. Those who favor the star 4, and those who despise it.

Couples who have children in school would obviously want to tap onto it for the kids. But they have to also find a balance so that the children would not be distracted with an avalanche of relationship issues to deal with.

The mandarin name for this academic star is wen qu xing (文曲星). It is often also labeled as the wen chang (文昌) which is a reference to the God of literary arts for obvious reasons.

Whenever Chinese homeowners ask feng shui masters how to enhance the studious luck of their schooling children, they usually ask about the wen chang. Tapping onto the 4 green star is one of the ways that practitioners do it.

Together with the 3 jade star, the 3 and 4 are the two stars among the 9 that are of wood element.

This means that star 4 can be boosted with water and wood, controlled by fire, destroyed by metal, and aggravated by earth.

According the luo shu magic squares, this star takes up the southeast position, and forms a partnership with star 9 according to the hetu combinations.

Ancient scholars wrote a lot about this star in classical text because it is the star that is most connected to their profession. Activating it effectively can potentially help them reach a higher level of academic success and critical thinking to create more timeless pieces of work.

Even though it is the star that is most closely associated as being neutral, it leans more towards favorable rather unfavorable in modern times.

This is because of the lifelong learning trend that has become a global movement in recent decades, and that people tend not to see romance luck in negative light these days.

There’s also more and more people making a living in creative arts in the modern world. Drawing on the power of star 4 enables them to find inspiration, improve creativity and attain achievements in their fields of work.

Star 4 is also linked to self-improvement, self-cultivation, learning of new skills, intelligence, research, science, etc.

In it’s negative form, this star can ignite relationship problems, scandals and affairs.

Making good use of the academic star 4

The most common method of calling on the power of the star 4 is locating where it resides as a water star, and using that space as a work or study area.

Those who engage in creative work at home such as freelance journalist and writers can use the area to set up their workstations. And configure a command position for added measure.

Artistes like musicians, graphic designers, architects and strategic planners, etc, would find this a great place to inspire creativity as well.

Students can use the space as a study area to revise for their exams and to do their homework.

To further empower the strength of the 4 green star, a water feature can be added to the space. This serves both as an activator for the residing water star, and also to feed it with more strength as water nurtures wood in the cycle of birth according to the theory of the 5 elements,

Sectors of a house with a 1-4 or 4-1 flying stars combination would find harnessing the power of star 4 at it’s full potential.

When this combination of stars is present in the living room, the academic luck would spread to all residents in the property. Unless the power of the star is very strong, this also means that the academic luck would be shared among the household members instead of being focused on one person.

When star 4 is present as a mountain star in a sector, it is best to use the space as a bedroom. So children would be able to tap on studious luck when their bedrooms has the star arrangement present. However, the drawback is the romance luck which the inhabitant would also enjoy… unless parents are fine with that of course.

Placing flowering plants at these spaces for instance, can create luck with romance.

When the space is kept clutter free and with good enhancers, one would enjoy the positive aspects of the 4 star. This can come in terms of good examination scores, exceptional grades, recognition of research work, good romance luck with meeting eligible suitors, etc.

But when there are bad forms like clutter, garbage, dirty water, it can bring bad luck with studies and even bad luck with romantic partners.

A combination of 4-9 and 9-4 can also enable residents to reap the academic and romantic rewards that the star 4 brings. This is because the star 9 brings fame and recognition. When connected to star 4, it can translate to high achievements in studies and research work.

However, one has to be mindful that the combination of 4 and 9 creates a metal frame as stated in the he tu concept. So tapping onto this auspicious combination require careful assessment of indoor and outdoor forms. There cannot be an answer that applies to all dwellings.

Symbolic enhancers

In symbolic feng shui, some items have garnered fame and a huge following in terms of attracting academic luck.

Some of which includes the pagoda, Chinese fans with calligraphy, globes, treasures of the study, etc.

These items are all suitable to be placed in areas where the star 4 is located, whether as a sitting star or facing star.

Just take note that enhancers are not activators. The star has to be activated before it can be strengthened. Otherwise there would be nothing to enhance when nothing is active.

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