How Are The 5 Emperor Coins Used In Feng Shui

Ancient Chinese coins are one of the favorites of feng shui practitioners for home and office decorations.

This is because these artifacts used to be the currency used for commerce and trading in ancient China.

And there are few items that have as direct a representation of money than ancient coins.

As such they are commonly used as decorations at home to signify money and attract wealth luck.

While classic Chinese coins can come in a huge variety, a particular category of them enjoy more celebrity status than others.

And that is the 5 emperor coins.

Called 五帝錢 in Mandarin and pronounced as wu di qian, it specifically refers to the 5 Qing emperors of the infamous Qing dynasty.

But the powers contained in these types of coins are not just due to them originating from emperors, but also because these emperors have had them designed according to Chinese metaphysics.

For example, the round shape represents heaven while the inner square represents earth.

Different wordings and configurations help one to identify one coin from a particular era from another.

The coins is also one of the 8 treasures in culture, and can also be a pun for “right before your eyes”. This is because the word 錢 sound like the word for front (前), and the square in the coin was sometimes referenced as the eye.

The 5 Emperors

The 5 emperors that the 5 emperor coins refer to are:

  1. Emperor Shun Zhi (順治皇帝)
  2. Emperor Kang Xi (康熙皇帝)
  3. Emperor Yong Zheng (雍正皇帝)
  4. Emperor Qian Long (乾隆皇帝)
  5. Emperor Jia Qing (嘉慶皇帝)

The above is listed in order from the first emperor to the fifth.

Wordings on coins from the different eras will contain the following words:

  1. 順治寶通
  2. 康熙寶通
  3. 雍正寶通
  4. 乾隆寶通
  5. 嘉慶寶通

The above is also listed in order from the first emperor to the fifth.

With the above information, you should be able to tell whether the set of 5 chinese coins you have bought are indeed coins of the 5 Qing emperors.

It is also important to keep in mind that there are many types of Chinese coins used for feng shui.

But if you are particularly looking for the 5 emperor coins, the above details will help you verify whether what you have purchased are what you think they are.

Using 5 emperor coins in feng shui

The mystical powers of these 5 coins when placed together are all-encompassing.

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This means that as a set, they can be placed in any sector or area of the house for enhancement of any purposes.

But in practice, they are most often used as wealth items that are placed in the wealth locations of the house.

They make great additions when preparing your ingredients for the wealth vase.

We can also often find them placed in water features or at the bottom of fish ponds so as to increase the wealth energy water brings to a household.

They are also often pasted on calculators to represent having profits to count.

If you must know, the coins harness the following aspects of life.

  • The Shun Zhi coin symbolizes change, new beginnings, and origins
  • The Kang Xi coin signifies wealth, prosperity and good fortune
  • The Yong Zheng coin represents strength, will-power, and influence
  • The Qian Long coin epitomizes wisdom, stability and intelligence
  • The Jia Qing coin embodies hard work, conviction and decisiveness

Because of the above, the 5 emperor coins are also often used as remedies to sha chi emitting from hostile structures.

For example, they are often used as counters to hanging beams or exposed pillars.

When used for such purposes, the 5 coins are often tied together with a red string so as to charge them with yang energy.

We can also sometimes find other feng shui items tied to the ends of these coins so as to reinforce the focal point of the energies emanating from them.

Some common examples are gourds for healing and countering sha chi, mystic knots for protection, crystals for wealth, etc.

Sometimes these coins are also placed under rugs or floor mats so as to strengthen the presence of earth energy when the level below is empty space such as a vehicle parking lot.

Authentic coins and replicas

It goes without saying that genuine coins used during those glorious eras will yield the most power.

However, it would be very difficult to find them. And if you do, be ready to spend a bomb on them as you will definitely encounter others who want to buy them as well.

This is why they are often found on auctions as owners want to fetch the highest possible prices for them.

And as the Chinese are understandably proud of their history and culture, one can expect a fierce bidding war for authentic historical artifacts.

This is why in feng shui, replicas of the 5 emperor coins are commonly used at home.

They might be weaker in prowess compared to genuine Chinese coins, but will nevertheless contain the same metaphysical make-up.

After all, the magic behind these coins are the in the design.

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