The Wicked Five Yellow Star And How To Pacify It

Among the 3 flying stars of 2, 3, and 5,that cause annual afflictions, the five yellow is the most deadly.

Capable of causing life-threatening illnesses and financial catastrophe, if there is one feng shui motivated act that you will allow yourself to do each year, it is in pacifying the 5 yellow to avoid grave misfortune.

If I get a dollar to slot into the piggy bank each time an ill person retrospectively discovers that he is afflicted by the yellow star, my piggy bank would have already exploded within a few months.

With so many real life case studies (which some might argue as coincidence), it is best to take bold action in keeping it under control or at least err on the side of caution by keeping it in mind.

Characteristics of the 5 yellow

The five yellow is one of the 9 stars in flying star feng shui.

It’s mandarin name is 廉贞星 pronounced as Lian Zhen Xing. But more commonly known as 五黄 (Wu Wang) literally translated as five yellow.

It is associated with (as you might expect) the number 5, the earth element, and the center of the luo shu grid.

As the center is not associated with any of the 8 trigrams, the misfortune that it can bring is seldom limited to a particular member in the household as trigrams can predict, but to all member residents.

For the year 2018, it sits at the north.

A table showing where it will enter the house from (in upcoming years) can be observed at the end of this article.

Because it is of an earth element,

  • Fire and earth will energize it
  • Water will send it into an eating frenzy
  • Wood will anger it
  • Metal will exhaust it

As listed above, without considering other dynamic factors of feng shui, the only element that will be able to control it is metal.

It must be noted that while wood will attempt to smash it according to the cycle of destruction, it can only raise the wrath of the 5 yellow as it fends for itself. Pulling everything and everyone down with it.

And while water would also exhaust it as earth will be drawn into attacking water, this would only serve to empower it into committing more rash acts.

A star combination with 9 can potentially lead to absolute disaster.

The negative aspects of this star turns positive during the period of 5.

How to keep the deadly 5 yellow under control

There are basically 3 types of approaches to subdue the 5 yellow and prevent it from causing a chaotic year for inhabitants.

  1. Elemental approach
  2. Symbolic approach
  3. Practical approach

Which approach to use depends on your personal preference. Some people combine 2 or all 3 approaches for a comprehensive totalitarian solution.

Having said that, no matter which approach is applied, the area where the 5 yellow resides should be left quiet, undisturbed, and with as little yang energy as possible.

Even switch off the lights and never turn them on if possible.

The exception is when there is a wealth star in the sector too and the homeowner wishes to tap onto that wealth star as well.

But that is a discussion for another day. Let’s move on to the approaches.

Elemental approach

Remember that the yellow star 5 is of earth energy base. And that it can be smothered by metal.

This means that a presence of metal in the area can help keep it in a sleepy and lethargic mood.

For example, if a window is in the room where the 5 yellow enters from, then metal grills or window frames might be sufficient to suppress it.

The colors representative of metal like gold, silver and white will also add to the strength of metal presence. So will objects that are round shaped or spherical.

I’ve seen people set up white window blinds and leave them closed for the whole year. This acts as a barrier that dissipates the 5 yellow energy as soon as it meets the window.

The same with doors as the entry point of the star.

A metallic door or a door in white color can help to significantly weaken the star.

Some feng shui practitioners advocate that the elemental direction it enters from must also be taken into account.

For example, the 5 star enters from the north in 2018, and the north is associated with water energy.

This line of thought means that water energy also has to be subdued by wood. Read into that what you will.

One must also be mindful that on rare occasions, the 5 yellow can be pulled into a formation of prosperity star alignments. Rendering it good luck for the year. This can occur when it forms a straight line across the center of the 9-square grid together with the 2 and 8 stars. Essentially forming a parent string 2-5-8 combination.

In this case, some people might keep everything as it is.

However, I suggest to practice a more cautious approach and set up remedies nevertheless.

Symbolic approach

One of the most famous feng shui cures is the placement of wind chimes.

The thing is that many DIY feng shui practitioners either don’t realize what it is supposed to remedy, or just outright do it wrong.

It must be said that the wind chime as a feng shui remedy item is part elemental and part symbolic.

When used as a counter to the five yellow, the metal wind chimes might be used as it possess the power of metal energy.

As it cling-clangs about when the breeze arrives, the yang energy acts to power-up the metal energy as if summoned by the forces of nature.

Hang it on the window which the misfortune star enters and the star would be clattered into submission and dissolve as if by command.

The other issue to note is that it is best to use wind chimes with 6 metal rods as 6 being a metal number further enforces the muscle of metal energy.

Another feng shui symbolic item that can be used as a cure is Chinese coins.

While ancient Chinese coins are more often used for purposes of wealth luck, linking 6 of them by tying them together with red strings can work just as well as a cure against the 5 yellow.

Because of a lesser elemental strength compared to the wind chime, one can place 2 sets of 6-coins on either side of the window for good effect. You might even compound that presence by hanging another string of coins at the window just as you might hand a wind chime.

Practical approach

If you are “lucky”, the practical solution to stopping the 5 yellow is intuitive.

This can occur when the sector in which the 5 yellow is supposed to be belongs to a missing corner of the house, or in a space (like a store room) that is hardly used by anyone.

For example, if the naughty star is at the southeast and the southeast is a missing corner of the house, then just keep the windows that open to that area closed. The star will not be able to enter the house.

And if the star finds it’s way into the store room, just keep the door to the room closed and keep accessing it to a minimum.

5 Yellow in birth chart of house

When flying start feng shui is practiced at home, the location of the 5 yellow will depend on the birth chart (natal chart) which is determined by the age and facing of the house.

For example, if a house is completely built and ready for the family to move in in 2018 and faces true East, the natal chart would be of period of 8 facing E2.

As can be observed in the diagram above:

  • 5 is a water star at the southeast
  • 5 is a mountain star at the north
  • and a base star at the southwest

Remedies should be used for the most active among the 3 which is the water star at the southeast. Followed by the mountain star at the north.

The same remedies mentioned previously can be applied the same way here.

The base star is frail, but in this case forms the 2-5-8 combination of base stars diagonally across from northeast to center to southwest.

This 2-5-8 combination of base stars occur for all period of 8 houses.

5 Yellow location in current and upcoming years

Year Location
2018 North
2019 Southwest
2020 East
2021 Southeast
2022 Center
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