The 6 White Star Of Power And Authority

The white star 6 is one of the 3 auspicious white stars together with star 1 and star 8. It is often said that when a star combination contains any of the white stars of 1, 6, or 8, it is most likely a good combination that can bring good fortune.

Take note that even thought the stars 1, 6 and 8 are often mentioned in the same breathe, they have different elemental bases of water, metal and earth respectively. This implies that the manner in which to activate, trigger, strengthen and weaken them can be very different as well.

While this star has the element as the 7 red, the nature of life aspects they are linked to are drastically different with the 7 red more associated with aggression and the 6 white more towards benevolence.

The 6 white star is most prominently linked to power, authority, status and organizations with rigid structures such as government agencies and multi-national corporations.

It is therefore a positive star very suitable for those who pursue a career in the military, government office or trying to climb the corporate ladder.

While the star 8 captures most of the attention for wealth luck seekers, the star 6 is often ignored even though it’s energy might be more suitable for certain people in pursuit of wealth.

Attributes of 6 white star

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The mandarin name of the 6 white is wu qu (武曲) which translate to military. However, it is more often referred to as liu bai (六白) white literally means 6 white.

The trigram it is linked to the Qian gua. This association itself should tell you that this is a formidable star that should not be ignored because Qian is arguably the most important trigram among the eight.

The direction is northwest and the element base is metal. For this reference to color, it can also be referred to as liu jin (六金) translated as 6 gold which is an inference of 6 metal.

This star embodies the attributes of loyalty, prestige, power, authority, righteous, commanding respect, etc.

Because of the metal base, the 6 white can be:

  • Magnified by metal
  • Strengthened by earth
  • Aggressive when it meets wood
  • Attacked by fire
  • Weakened by water

The dynamics of 6 white meeting other elements play a critical role in controlling the state of the star when practicing flying stars feng shui at home and at work.

Using the white star 6

As mentioned earlier, this star is most suitable and appropriate for people with ambitions to climb the advancement ladder.

And because it is associated with the Qian trigram, it is also an important star for the patriarch of a household.

Thus this is a star that is best located in living areas such as the home office, master bedroom, library, and living room, etc. And because this trigram represents heaven, it can also be appropriate for spiritual locations such as an altar room or a meditation room.

Determining how to activate this star when it is identified via a natal chart depends on whether it resides as a mountain star or water star.

If it is found in the home office for example as a water star, then the activity inside this living space should be enough to activate it. Otherwise, one might have to add the presence of water to start it’s engine.

Upon activation, it requires earth or metal to strengthen.

Activating is like flipping on the light switch. Strengthening is like dialing up the dimmer for brighter lights and higher lumens.

Annual white star 6 location in current and upcoming years

Year Location
2022 Northwest
2023 West
2024 Northeast
2025 South
2026 North
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