The Red Star 7 Is One To Keep Your Eye On

Among the 9 stars in Xuan Kong feng shui, the red star 7 is unique due to it’s color.

But this color uniqueness is not due to it being the only star that is red. The star 2 for example, is the only star in black.

7 red star is special because it is the color that is culturally associated with auspiciousness and joyous events. But the red in this case, refers more to the color of bloodshed.

Being a star that is fundamentally of metal element, one cannot help but think about injuries caused by weapons or health issues that require surgery.

The period of 20 years when it embodied the status of the most prosperous star ended in early 2004. And since then, it’s nature has reverted to an undesirable star. One that if you don’t keep an eye out for… can cause serious injury to members of a household.

The next period when it can be used partly as a favorable star is period 1 when it is assembled with the white star 1 and green star 4 to for a prosperity parent string of 1-4-7.

The mandarin name for star 7 is po jun (破军) which translates to counter military, or also often known as the broken soldier. It can also be called qi ci (七赤) translated as 7 red. In discussions, it is often referred to as the star of aggression or star of violence.

It is also affiliated with the Tui gua that occupies the west sector in the luoshu map of magic squares.

On it’s own the red star is also very associated with communications. For this reason, when it is paired with an undesirable star, it can mean trouble caused from gossips and rumors. And when it is paired with a favorable star, it can result in success from great communication skills.

For example, when a 7-3 pairing is generated with negative forms, then it can be a precursor to being the victim of scams, burglaries and robberies. It can also point to potential injuries to the lower limbs.

Generally, star 7 is a negative star to avoid like 2 black and 5 yellow in the practice of flying stars feng shui.

There are of course some exceptions for instance, when a feng shui practitioner is looking to erect a 2-7 pairing to ignite the fire energy of hetu.

Keeping the red star in check

As mentioned previously, this is usually not a star that homeowners typically want to enhance in the house… unless a resident is going after something very specific like the luck of travels in a 7-1 star combination.

Otherwise, it is best to err on the side of caution as it’s not an energy source that you’d want to mess with.

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To exhaust the strength of the red star, which leaves it too weak to wreak havoc in the residence, the water element is used. This is when placing an aquarium in the sector can act as a remedy instead of a wealth attractor.

But water features can sometimes be too cumbersome for homeowners to maintain and upkeep. In this case, then it is common to place objects in the space that are irregularly wavy form or incorporate such designs.

In extreme cases, fire energy is used to directly counter a belligerent star 7. This can be done by lighting candles or incense at the space during specific days, and even specific hours. However, be mindful that there’s always a potential for fire hazards when open flames are involved. So do not leave lighted candles unattended.

Annual red star 7 location in current and upcoming years

Year Location
2022 West
2023 Northeest
2024 South
2025 North
2026 Southwest
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