The 7 Star Robbery Formation Garners Luck In All Ages

In the practice of feng shui throughout the ages, some singular concepts have earned fame due to their potency and extraordinary good fortune that households are able to harness when done right.

Some of them include the castle gate theory, 5 ghost carry wealth concept, water dragon application, etc.

Another of which is the 7 star robbery formation (七星打劫) in the practice of flying stars feng shui, which falls under the San Yuan umbrella.

When this feng shui formation is properly applied to a property, it is said that residents in the household would enjoy good luck throughout generations for 180 years. And since San Yuan feng shui is based on a 180-year cycle, this concept would basically enable the household to reap the metaphysical benefits in a tenseless manner.

Even those with bad luck either from personal feng shui or bazi would be able to turn around their fortunes when using this formula.

But just like various special feng shui techniques, the seven star robbery can only be applied to a house when the conditions are right. Not every house would be able to tap onto it.

Even when landforms are ideal for it’s application, building restrictions and limitations can still prevent a homeowner from implementing it.

Can you put it to work in your house?

Basic background on 7 stars robbery

Before we talk about how to ignite the power of this formation, it would be useful to understand the fundamentals and basis of it.

This concept actually comes from a verse stated in the classic 地理辯正 where the revered author 蔣大鴻 poetically explained the basis of it. While some parts of the verse are clear-cut, other portions are vague. Which leave masters to interpret it based on their own knowledge and understanding of feng shui.

The first question that learners often ask about this method is why the name “7 stars” when we work with 9 stars in flying stars feng shui.

One explanation is that there are actually only 7 stars visible in the Ursa Major (northern dipper) which flying stars feng shui is based upon. The two other stars that make up the 9 are actually too faint for the naked eye to see. The 2 stars being 2 and 8 which forms the diagonal earth axis, and the main reason why the diagonal frame application of this concept works differently than what is explained later.

Another explanation is that when we put the 9 star numbers in a loop, and count in a forward sequence starting from any number 7 times, we end up with the next number that makes up the parent string of the starting point. For example, when we start with number 1 and count forward 7 times, we arrive at 7. Do that again with the number 7 and we end up at 4. Thus, the 1-4-7 string is erected.

What cannot be denied is it’s close relation to the parent string configuration. This is expressly written in the classics.

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The parent string natal chart arrangement is known to be one of the most auspicious charts for any household during the period of the parent string.

For example, the string of 2-5-8 is the most auspicious during the periods of 2, 5 and 8. But this also means that it would no longer enjoy the best of luck once the period 9 commences. So the 7 star robbery enables a house to “rob” the auspiciousness of timely stars even through it’s natal charts is not suited for the current period.

When we put the parent string combinations of 1-4-7, 2-5-8 and 3-6-9 into a typical 9-grid diagram, we get the below.

When you read it from column to column from top to bottom, you’d get the pearl strings combinations. This further emphasizes that the 7 star robbery harvest good fortune throughout the periods. When activated, it links up the pearl strings with the parent strings which is it’s source of power.

Also take note that each grid except the center adds up to ten with the number opposite. This can be observed with the number pairs of 1-9, 2-8, 3-7, 4-6.

The 3 sectors of a house that is in focus when assessing whether the property can tap onto this formation is the South, East and Northwest. This is because the 3 sectors are where the trigrams of Chien and Li are found in the early and later heavenly arrangements. The reasons why these two trigrams are the focal point in this concept is that they are mentioned in classical text.

This borrowing of prosperous energy comes from the relationship between the 9 stars in the hetu arrangement. Where the combinations are 1-6, 2-7, 3-8, 4-9. Some experts contend that there is a 5-1 combination present as well.

So the most potent configuration for seven star robbery is erected when there are hetu combinations between the water star at the property’s facing with the central palace, which is also present between the property’s mountain star at sitting and central palace.

The implication of this give credence to the use of 9 grids for Xuan Kong flying stars instead of the round compass when superimposing the natal chart over a house. If one is to use the compass pie-chart method of application, the central palace would be missing. And thus, the hetu combinations cannot be present.

Criteria for 7 stars robbery (7SR)

As mentioned before, not all houses would be able to tap on this unique feng shui concept. This is mainly because it can only be applied when a property has a natal chart that supports it.

Here are the key factors that must be met in order to erect the power of this formation.

  • Natal chart must be a double stars facing or double stars sitting category
  • The double stars must be the timely stars when 7SR is activated
  • Main door must be in the sector where the double stars are
  • Timely parent string combination must be present at water star position at South, East and Northwest
  • Doors or windows must be present at the South, East and Northwest sectors that allow energy into the house
  • The hetu combinations must be present between the facing and center palace, and between the sitting and center palace

As you can tell from the requirements mentioned above, it should be clear that it is not always possible to deploy 7SR to a house.

The following natal chart for a house facing S2 in period 8 for example, is primed for activation of 7SR.

Notice the 2-5-8 frame circled in red, and the hetu combinations circled in blue.

It must also be noted that modern feng shui practitioners have applied the same concept to houses that do not meet the criteria listed above to tap on the 7 star robbery’s magic.

This conforms to concept, but creates a less potent 7SR arrangement.

Metaphorically, just because you don’t have the natural athleticism to become a professional football player does not mean that you cannot have a kick about in your back yard. And once in a while you might be able to bend it like Beckham too.

These hacks usually usually focuses on the south-east-northwest triangular frame being substituted with a north-west-southeast triangular frame. This is because the relationships between Chien and Li (6-9) is substituted with the relationship between Sun and Tui (4-7). The presence of double stars and hetu combinations also being deemed as unnecessary, with the latter sometimes replaced by a sum of 10 combination. And that the absence of an energy entryway like a door being substituted with the presence of water since water generates chi as well.

You need to determine for yourself whether these ideas make sense or not.

A big reason why many feng shui masters disagree with the methods of others is that their interpretation of the original writings are different. This is the beauty and mystery of feng shui knowledge hidden in ancient text.

So when reading up any English book about feng shui or bazi, do realize that a writer is writing about his/her interpretation of feng shui. Claiming what they feel as the undisputed truth is a little far fetched.

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