8 Mansions Feng Shui

The 8 Mansions is a straight forward classical concept of feng shui practice that can be applied proficiently on any house with little errors.

This is because the time dimension is not taken into account and the equations behind it are not as dynamic as something like flying stars feng shui.

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It is also sometimes referred to as 8 house feng shui depending on translation. But they refer to the same thing.

According to the 8 mansions school of thought, a house will be categorized into one of two types depending on it’s sitting and facing.

It will either be a:

  1. West house
  2. East house

Once the sitting and facing can be determined, a lot of characteristics can be identified.

Sitting Facing Element Trigram Kua Group
S N Water Li 9 East
N S Earth Kan 1 East
E W Wood Chen 3 East
SE NW Wood Sun 4 East
NW SE Metal Chien 6 West
SW NE Metal Kun 2 West
NE SW Earth Ken 8 West
W E Fire Tui 7 West

It can be said that a house facing N, S, W or NW is an East House. Conversely one that faces SE, NE, SW or E is a West House.

Once the type of house is identified, the 8 sections of space described in 8 mansions can be applied to the layout of the house.

The 8 sections are:

  1. Sheng Chi (SC) translated as life force and prosperity, wood
  2. Tien Yi (TY) translated as divine healing, earth
  3. Yen Nian (YN) translated as longevity, metal
  4. Fu Wei (FW) translated as harmony and stability, wood
  5. Jue Ming (JW) translated as death, metal
  6. Liu Sha (LS) translated as chaos and adversity, water
  7. Wu Gui (WG) translated as problems caused by others, fire
  8. Huo Hai (HH) translated as an inability to achieve success, earth

If you find it hard to memorize, just remember that the first four are favorable areas while the remaining four are unfavorable.

With the kua number of a house identified, we can now find the favorable directions.

1 SE E S N
3 S N SE E
4 N S E SE
9 E SE N S

When feng shui masters and practitioners talk about the orientation of a bed so that the position in which a person sleeps has the head pointed to a certain direction, it is most probably recommended with reference to 8 mansions and the favorable directions listed above.

For example, if someone wants good health, sleeping pointing at a direction of TY or YN will ideal.

Conversely, if a resident has the bed orientated to point at a negative direction, it is best practice to review the layout so that the head is pointed in any of the favorable directions instead of those that are unfavorable.

It must be noted that each individual will also have a kua number which can be calculated with a simple equation.

When the individual kua number is determined, with reference to the tables above, one can identify which are his favorable and unfavorable directions.

He can then pick a suitable house according to 8 mansion feng shui or design a suitable layout with the floor plan to orientate his bed position, sofa placement, sleep direction, etc, to harness positive energy from his favorable directions.

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