Harness The Power Of The White Wealth Star 8 For Prosperity

Among the 3 white stars found in the 9 stars, none of them come as close to the wealth star 8 in terms of popularity.

It’s not that the 1 white and 6 white stars are not as influential in the life aspects that they are associated with.

It’s just that the 8 white star is most directly linked to money luck. And this is often reason enough for homeowners to go gaga over it.

Some of the common questions property owners tend to ask about the wealth star include:

  • Where is it?
  • How do I activate it?
  • Is it blocked?
  • When will it make me rich?
  • etc

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, it’s important to learn more about the 8 star’s nature so as to have a better appreciation of it’s properties.

The white star 8 has the mandarin name zuo fu xing (左辅星) or zuo fu bi (左辅) which can be directly translated to left helper star or left assistant. It is also often loosely referred to as the cai xing (财星) which literally means wealth star.

It is associated with the Gen kua which is at the northeast. Which also means that it is a star with an elemental base of earth.

Together with the other earth stars of 5 yellow at the center and 2 black at the southwest, it forms the infamous parent string diagonal axis of earth consisting of northeast-center-southwest. This is also why the number combination of 2-5-8 is generally seen as a highly auspicious configuration that brings good fortune and prosperity.

This star is so favorable in nature that it’s negative attributes are negligible even when it becomes an untimely star.

The manner of wealth which the 8 star is associated with is linked to wealth through hard work whether in business or in an individual’s career. This channel of wealth is also what is often called direct wealth by feng shui masters.

Money acquired through windfalls like lottery and inheritance are more associated with indirect wealth.

This implies that when star 8 is a timely star, is favorable, and harnessed by residents, they can expect to enjoy good luck with money in terms of wage increments, bonuses, and even opportunities to earn more money legitimately.

This is often the case when the star 8 is a favorable water star that is given permission by homeowners to go about doing what it does.

When it is afflicted or becomes an untimely star, sufferers can expect to find it difficult to to generate an income. Even if one has a nice personal salary, he or she might find it difficult to save any of it. It can also pose health problems related to limbs and the back with young individuals being the most vulnerable.

A table at the end of this article shows where the annual wealth star is located in the current and subsequent years ahead.

Unleashing the magic of the wealth star

To reap the most positive monetary benefits from the star 8, it is important to first locate the location within the premises where the star 8 resides as a water star.

While the 8 white can also be found to be a base star and a mountain star in a basic flying stars natal chart, the water star governs wealth luck. And thus, should be the focal point of households who wishes to enhance this aspect of life.

To determine where the wealth star 8 is acting as a water star, the flying stars natal chart of the property must be first identified.

This require information concerning when the house was built and what is it’s facing direction.

For example, for a house built in the period of 8 facing southeast, it would have the below energy map.

As can be observed from the illustrated birth chart above, the water star 8 can be found at the top right corner of the SE grid. So when we superimpose the chart onto the floor plan of a house, the southeast sector indicated in the layout would be the area where the wealth-attracting star can be activated and enhanced.

This can also be described as a wealth location.

As a facing star (water star) it can be activated like flipping a switch with the careful placement of water features in the sector and/or with the area being used for common areas such as the living room where a lot of activities take place. It would also be favorable to have the main door here.

However, how strongly it brings good luck to residents depend on how well it has been enhanced by the residents in the dwelling.

If we use a metaphor to describe this, activating the facing star is like turning on the switch of the flashlight. Enhancing the star is like the amount of lumens and battery that determines how bright the gadget would shine.

Since we have talked about activation, the next question is how to enhance?

The wealth star 8 acts as the water star in this case. It is also earth element based as previously stated. An elemental approach is needed to strengthen the power it has within.

Earth element is charged by fire and earth. So the presence of items that carry these elements can nurture the strength of the wealth star.

Saying that, fire element can be hazardous and often avoided by feng shui practitioners. So earth-element items such as citrine crystals are more common for this purpose.

Symbolic wealth items are also suitable for this space. Some examples are golden roosters, merchant ships, abacus, wealth bowl, amethyst geodes, etc.

The white star 8 can also arrive as an annual star.

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Depending on which sectors of the house it enters and lingers, the implications will be determined by how it’s status as a guest star interacts with the host stars already present, and also the reigning trigram of that space.

Nevertheless, it can still be “turned-on” with the methods explained before.

Finally, don’t forget that even though the 8 white (which some affectionately call eggwhite) is considered as the wealth star, it is primarily an auspicious star first. Just like how some might consider themselves as a mother first and a teacher second to their children.

This means that the star 8 can also be used for other other positive aspects of life other than money. For example, such as when it is acting as a mountain star which influences health and relationships.

So even if one is present in a favorable space but not properly configured to bring wealth luck, it can still enhance other aspects of live to bring balance and blessings.

Wealth star 8 location in current and upcoming years

Year Location
2019 Center
2020 Northwest
2021 West
2022 Northeast
2023 South
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