5 Feng Shui Annual Afflictions To Ignore At Your Own Peril

If certain feng shui concepts were practiced on their own, there might be no need for anyone to make changes to the placement of furniture and other items at home to affect the energies of spaces.

However, the truth is that almost all feng shui masters take into account the time dimension these days.

Otherwise, they face prospect of ridicule in the feng shui community.

Because flying stars feng shui is incorporated into any credible feng shui audit as if by default in modern times, that alone brings about 3 unfavorable stars that homeowners need to track.

Specifically the stars of 2, 3 and 5.

In addition to the above 3 annual flying stars that has a high potential of negatively affecting a house, there are also the 3 killings affliction and the infamous grand duke jupiter to address.

Here’s a run down of the 5 annual feng shui afflictions that homeowners should be concerned about.

1) Grand duke

The grand duke, or more affectionately known as Tai Sui, is an unlucky conflict of stars that can bring about a year full of obstacles in whatever you do.

One must not confront or disturb it.

Sitting on where it resides is benign and might even be beneficial in some circumstances as this implies having the support of the heavenly general.

When required, do place items like the piyao to appease it.

2) 3 Killings

While the grand duke affects a very specific area of the house that only takes up 15°, the 3 killings afflicted areas will take up a whopping 45°.

That is 3 times the afflicted space compared to the former.

As opposed to the grand duke, one can confront the 3 killings by facing it without experiencing any back lash.

The onus is to not sit where it is as this would put the 3 killings sha chi behind you.

This can lead to encountering unscrupulous competition, being targeted by scheming people, and basically being victimized by others.

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A good way to remedy this annual feng shui affliction is with the 3 celestial guardian animals consisting of the fu dog, chi lin and pi xiu.

3) 5 Yellow

In general, the grand duke is the most well-known affliction among the masses. Even people who don’t practice feng shui would have probably heard of it.

But in the feng shui circle, the 5 yellow is generally regarded as the most destructive annual affliction that can causes financial chaos, personal disasters, and even the loss of life.

I’ve met feng shui masters who sometimes ignore the grand duke or 3 killings partly because of advanced bazi dynamics.

But I have never met a master who ignores the 5 yellow.

This shows how much even the experts take this affliction seriously.

Unless it is a timely star, the 5 yellow MUST be countered one way or another, usually by the presence of metal element to exhaust it’s strength.

4) 2 black sickness star

I find it perplexing that some practitioners advocate the cures for just 3 annual afflictions consisting of the grand duke, 3 killings and 5 yellow.

But totally ignore the sickness star and conflict star (which we will talk about later) altogether.

The black star of sickness which is represented by the star 2 among the 9 flying stars brings illnesses and general health problems to members of a household when left to roam.

On it’s own, it can cause residents at home to fall sick throughout the year.

When combined with certain other stars, they can cause life-threatening health issues as well.

Like the 5 yellow, metal energy can be used to weaken the potency of this black star.

5) 3 green star of conflict

The conflict star represented by the star 3 in flying stars feng shui is an affliction that gets the least amount of attention.

This is probably because it implicates legal problems and conflicts with people around you.

As they say. You don’t get into a train accident if you don’t take a train.

So a lot of people feel that they don’t need to prevent bad conflict luck when they’ve always been in harmony with the people around them.

But don’t take it for granted.

Misunderstandings can often occur between family members and friends. It is better to prevent the quarreling star from negatively impacting your relationships than having to cure it after the damage as been done.

In addition to that, when the conflict star is empowered or gets cranky, legal disputes can turn up in life.

So I’d have this star kept in check just in case.

When do these annual stars take shape

All the 5 annual afflictions shift positions yearly. Not surprising as they are named annual afflictions after all.

However, the first day of the year which their new positions take shape is the first day of spring according to the Hsia calander.

This is usually the 4th of February each year.

So don’t make the mistake of thinking the first day of their new positions is the first of January of the Gregorian calendar.

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