Annual Flying Star 2 Effects

In flying stars feng shui, the period natal chart of a house governs the luck of the house and it’s residents for in 20 year cycles.

This means that the natal chart of a house would be influenced in one way for 20 years, then change to another way for the next 20 years, and so on.

There are also annual flying stars that determine the luck for a specific year, then change for the following year, and so on.

This implies that natal charts have a long term effect on the feng shui of a property, while annual stars have a shorter term effect.

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While there are various ways annual stars can interact with existing energy dynamics of a space, the biggest impact it can make is generally agreed to be it’s interaction with trigram numbers (associated with kua numbers).

This can refer to both the kua number of the house, or the trigram numbers that reside in a particular space of a house based on it’s number configuration when the luo shu sequence is applied after identifying the kua number of the house.

This does not mean that the annual star has an immaterial effect when meeting the mountain star or water star.

It just means that feng shui practitioners generally focus on the trigrams first when analyzing the impact of annual stars, and then move on to other aspects if necessary.

Here are the implications of the arrival of annual flying star two meeting the different trigrams.

It must be noted that the implications can often seem similar to effects cause by the meeting (or star combination) of mountain and water stars. Even so, be mindful that the interaction and effect caused by mountain and water stars are govern by different dynamics.

Kan kua 1 (1-2)

The black star 2 is generally a negative star that brings bad luck with health.

It’s not know as the illness star for no reason.

This star combination can cause men and women to develop health problems associated with the stomach area. This includes intestines and digestive system.

Pregnant women should be extremely careful.

Marriage conflicts can arise between husband and wife, possibly caused by increasing stature of females.

Beware of accidents.

Kun kua 2 (2-2)

The strength of the sickness star is multiplied.

High potential for health problems and injuries, especially to women.

However, residents might enjoy a little good luck with finances.

Chen kua 3 (3-2)

This is an elemental conflict of wood and earth.

The nature of these stars would bring up disputes, legal entanglements, backstabbing, etc.

Public figures are going to suffer bad publicity.

Arguments are expected between mother and son.

Be watchful over diets as they can lead to stomach problems.

Sun kua 4 (4-2)

Conflicts can be expected between women.

Senior women should also pay attention to mental health issues.

A tendency for husbands to stray.

Kua 5 (5-2)

It must be said that while there is no trigram 5 within the bagua, there is a trigram number 5 when the luo shu number sequence is applied to the energy map of a house.

The 5 yellow is a force to be reckoned with.

This meeting of 5 and 2 will create chaos, misfortune, and extreme bad luck.

High possibility of injuries, financial loss, and life-changing events.

Chien kua 6 (6-2)

This interaction of stars can bring good luck with success and wealth.

But elderly men can be plagued with health problems.

Stomach and mental problems can befall women.

Pregnant women need to be extra careful in taking care of themselves.

Tui kua 7 (7-2)

Conflicts between female members of the household is expected.

Money luck dwindles, while couples trying to conceive might find their efforts fruitless.

Ken kua 8 (8-2)

Residents will be at a tipping point in terms of financial issues.

Either they make the right decision and make a bucket-load from career and investments, or make the wrong choices resulting in severe wealth loss.

This is especially so with real estate related activities.

Potential danger with illnesses.

Li kua 9 (9-2)

Bad luck in general.

Every step forward is followed by 2 steps backward.

Women should pay attention to health symptoms. Especially those who are pregnant.

Annual flying star 2 in coming years

Year Direction
2018 West
2019 Northeast
2020 South
2021 North
2022 Southwest
2023 East
2024 Southeast
2025 Center
2026 Northwest


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