Annual Flying Star 5 Effects

In flying stars feng shui, the period natal chart of a house governs the luck of the house and it’s residents for in 20 year cycles.

This means that the natal chart of a house would be influenced in one way for 20 years, then change to another way for the next 20 years, and so on.

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There are also annual flying stars that determine the luck for a specific year, then change for the following year, and so on.

This implies that natal charts have a long term effect on the feng shui of a property, while annual stars have a shorter term effect.

While there are various ways annual stars can interact with existing energy dynamics of a space, the biggest impact it can make is generally agreed to be it’s interaction with trigram numbers (associated with kua numbers).

This can refer to both the kua number of the house, or the trigram numbers that reside in a particular space of a house based on it’s number configuration when the luo shu sequence is applied after identifying the kua number of the house.

This does not mean that the annual star has an immaterial effect when meeting the mountain star or water star.

It just means that feng shui practitioners generally focus on the trigrams first when analyzing the impact of annual stars, and then move on to other aspects if necessary.

Here are the implications of the arrival of annual flying star five meeting the different trigrams.

It must be noted that the implications can often seem similar to effects cause by the meeting (or star combination) of mountain and water stars. Even so, be mindful that the interaction and effect caused by mountain and water stars are govern by different dynamics.

Kan kua 1 (1-5)

The yellow star 5 is generally known as the star of misfortune.

Health problems abound. And in many cases, can be quite serious.

Pay particular attention to stomach pain and discomfort.

Even when one is not affected by sickness or injuries, he or she would find that performing at an optimum conditions is oddly impossible.

Be very careful with physical activities as you would be vulnerable to accidents.

Pregnant women need to be extra careful with whatever they do.

Kun kua 2 (2-5)

One of the worst, combination of stars in flying star feng shui.

A potential for catastrophe resulting in total loss. This can be with regards to finances and life itself.

Remedies need to be absolutely put in place.

If staying in a room with this combination, consider moving to another room until the next year.

Chen kua 3 (3-5)

Severe wealth loss.

Business people need to navigate the year cautiously. Lie low for the year. Use the year to prepare for the following year.

Investment activities are also best left for the next year. Inaction might just be the best action to take this year.

Health problems will arise, with the liver most prone to illness. This is especially so if the kitchen is located in this space.

Sun kua 4 (4-5)

Health problems associated with sexual body areas. These include the genitals and breast.

Speculators need to take back as indirect wealth luck will be at very low levels.

New ventures will be extremely risky to commence.

Kua 5 (5-5)

Grave misfortune especially in terms of health.

Don’t turn a blind eye to symptoms as they could be signs of more serious conditions under the surface.

Residents might constantly suffer from small accidents like cuts and bruises Bad afflictions can cause more severe injuries like broken bones.

Relationships would face dire challenges to stay intact.

Chien kua 6 (6-5)

Serious health concerns can arise.

Men would constantly find roadblocks in career development.

No luck with money.

Tui kua 7 (7-5)

Inhabitants can be victimized with negative gossip.

Be wary of betrayal and backstabbers.

Health problems associated with the mouth.

Ken kua 8 (8-5)

This is a star combination that can swing either way.

Good feng shui can bring wealth luck and success.

Bad feng shui can cause serious health problems, especially limb injuries.

Li kua 9 (9-5)

Generally bad luck in all aspects of life.

Not a good time to speculate or invest in risky assets.

People in this sector might become temperamental.

Potential for fire hazard and health issues with the eyes.

Annual flying star 5 in coming years

Year Direction
2018 North
2019 Southwest
2020 East
2021 Southeast
2022 Center
2023 Northwest
2024 West
2025 Northeast
2026 South
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