The Symbolism Of Apples In Feng Shui

In the past, before the degree of globalization we see today, the best apples used to come from the far east of Japan and Korea.

Today, if production is used as the measuring stick, China is far and ahead the largest producer of the apple fruit in the world.

In fact, whenever I am looking to buy apples from the supermarket, I look for a particular brand Chinese apple which is crunchy and juicy.

The Chinese word for apple is ping guo (苹果) with the first word sounding similar to ping (平) which is translated to mean peace.

Thus, the symbolism of apples in Chinese culture is generally meant to convey peace, harmony and reconciliation.

The word ping (平) is also a used for the word ping an (平安) which means safety.

So while the primary symbolism of apple is to mean peace, it is also appropriate to wish for the safety of someone.

Apples are therefore common gifts for people who are going on a journey to traveling for holidays.

However, while apples common gifts for people who are sick or recovering from medical conditions, the elderly can sometimes view apples in bad light as ping (平) sounds a lot like the word bing (病) which means illness.

It must be said that even though the apple fruit has strong symbolism in Chinese culture, when apples are referred to in feng shui, they are usually mentioned in the form of apple blossoms which symbolizes feminine beauty and are very popular feng shui flowers.

The fruit is also commonly used as offerings to gods and ancestors.

Apple trees are considered to be more yin than yang. They are also said to have plentiful water energy other than the natural wood energy.

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In Taoist rituals, the fruit is an important component for certain love spells.

The fruit is also associated with the planet venus.

When they appear in your dreams, it is said that it’s your sub-conscious communicating to you that you have reached another level of wisdom.

Paired with magnolia, it conveys the meaning of wealth to a household.

When depicted with oranges, it is a call for well-wishes.

The apple fruit is also one of the unified quintet of round fruits together with grapes, peach, pomegranate and apricot that is used as offerings during the mooncake festival.

Feng shui

Feng shui apple placement in the house is often at the dining table, coffee table, or kitchen countertop.

Homeowners who have them on display for feng shui reasons are usually for the enhancement of peace and harmony between members of the household.

For this reason of promoting harmony and dissolving conflict, they are sometimes also place in areas where the conflict star 3 resides in the house.

The symbolism behind this is that negative energy that causes quarrels between residents would be alleviated by the presence of the fruit that represents peace.

For example, the conflict star flies into the house and takes position in the south sector in 2019. Apples can then be placed on a plate or basket for display in this section of the house.

Red apples are usually used instead of green apples.

Because apples promote harmony, they are generally fine to be used as decoration items in the house.

Fruit bowls are common in households who wants to add a little nature to the interiors. A popular choice is to have lemons in bowls.

If you want to make a change, red apples can make a great addition to these fruit bowls.

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