What The Apricot Fruit Symbolizes In Feng Shui

The apricot fruit has the Chinese name xing (杏) and can also be referred to as bai guo zi (白果子) which translate to the white fruit or convey the meaning of a hundred sons.

The apricot also represents the second month in the ancient Chinese calendar.

The fruit itself carries the symbolism of a beautiful women.

Their large seeds, which are also known as stones and kernels, resemble almonds and are said to represent the beautiful eyes of a lady.

It is also used in TCM medication and in certain Taoist rituals.

The fruit is primarily orange in color, but when they are red, they represent a woman who has conducted adultery.

A painting of an apricot field is meant to symbolize academic success.

While it also represents perseverance under challenging conditions when depicted with a woman dressed in imperial clothing.

On top of all that, they make great smoothies.

Feng shui

The display and placement of apricot fruits are usually to represent beauty or to call on fertility luck.

This why when a couple has an intention to conceive their first child, they can hang paintings of the apricot or place the fruit itself in the east or southeast sectors of the house.

This is because these are where the Chen and Sun trigrams are located and represents eldest son and eldest daughter respectively.

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So if their wish is to have a boy, then apricot fruits would be placed in the east. And on the southeast if they hope for a girl.

Otherwise, growing them in the garden can also attract the luck of descendants.

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