The Star Of Arts Indicates One With A Mind Of His Own

Some people are not introverts. They just have no problems with being left alone to pursue their own interest.

Whether this is because of being an outcast of simply being independent depends on various factors.

But a person with the star of arts (华盖) in his or her bazi would tend to find themselves alone. Often by choice.

The presence of this symbolic star indicates a person who is highly intelligent, often feeling that the people around them are just not in the same wavelength during interactions.

Thus, the tendency to stray and go around alone to do their own thing.

There is also a strong inclination to philosophical pursuits. Therefore it is also often referred to as the star of spirituality.

Material possessions and monetary gains are seldom a force of motivation. And the drive to go above and beyond is often pushed by the incentive of personal development.

The arts star is an overwhelmingly special star that can make a huge difference to life when favorable.

Identifying the arts star

To see whether an individual has the star of arts, reference has to be taken from the day or year branch,

Day or Year Branch Star Of Arts
E1 E5
E2 E2
E3 E11
E4 E8
E5 E5
E6 E2
E7 E11
E8 E8
E9 E5
E10 E2
E11 E11
E12 E8

Legend of the symbols can be found here.

For example, when you have E6 and E7 on the day and year branch, then the arts star would be represented by E2 and E11. Should they make an appearance in your 4 pillars, them you are deem to have it influencing your life aspects.

It is also important to note is that there are 5 reference characters that have the arts star represented by the exact same character.

They are E2, E5, E8 and E11.

When your day or year earthly branches are any of these 4 characters, then they must appear again in your bazi for it to be properly rooted.

This means that there must be, for example, two E8s in the bazi for this special star to be present.

The zodiac year that a person was born in would reveal one of his arts star. The below table shows where they are.

Zodiac Star Of Arts
Rat, Dragon, Monkey Dragon (E5)
Ox, Snake, Rooster Ox (E2)
Tiger, Horse, Dog Dog (E11)
Rabbit, Goat, Pig Goat (E8)

Having the star of arts in the bazi can mean a person who would be very suitable to become a nun or monk.

A career in music, literature, and artistic work is also suitable.

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