The Azalea Flower Is The Paragon Of Womanhood

The azalea flower has a great reputation of immaculate beauty.

So it’s not surprise to find that it serves as a strong representation of womanhood.

In the United States, it is a flower that is synonymous with spring time. When you see them blooming magnificently, it’s a reminder of the life spring brings.

It’s mandarin name is du juan hua (杜鹃花) and the plant is most notable for it’s bright pink flowers even though they can come in a variety of colors.

In some parts of China, the color of the flower has positive connotations with the color of a cuckoo’s throat as it sings through the night. As such, it can have negative connotations associated with infidelity.

And even though the plant is known to consist of some poisonous properties, it is used in some area of TCM to treat certain health ailments as the Chinese believe in the saying 以毒攻毒 (using poison to counter poison).

Azalea is a popular feng shui flower depicted in paintings or art on porcelain ware as a symbol of feminism.

In some circles, it is also associated with the planet mercury.

They make great additions to a feng shui garden as they their beauty can spruce up any backyard, and the pink adds a dose of needed fire energy to favorable areas.

While pictures and paintings can be displayed inside the house, live azaleas are only suggested outdoors due to their mild poisonous nature.

This also means that households with children or pets should avoid cultivating them in the garden.

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