When A House’s Feng Shui Is Bad For You

If you have ever had a general discussion with a feng shui master, you’d eventually learn that no single house has feng shui that is good or bad for everyone.

Some houses can seemingly have bad feng shui that bring bad fortune, but specific types of people would still be able reap the rewards from the cosmos. By the same token a house seemingly flush with auspicious landforms and architecture can still bring bad luck to specific individuals.

Yet even though this rule of feng shui applies to all property, homeowners don’t necessarily need to consult with a Chinese metaphysics expert to find out whether a home is bad for him or her in general.

There are 3 simple ways to determine whether a home is suitable for you, individually.

Using these tips you can identify whether a house is suited for you specifically. Or one you should avoid buying or renting.

Personal grand duke

The personal grand duke concept states that the direction directly opposite your zodiac sign is your worse direction. It brings conflict, disaster, misfortune, and basically all the bad things words can say.

Animal zodiac signs are associated with directions. And when you identify your zodiac sign, you would be able to discover what is the direction that is opposite that particular zodiac.

For example, the Rat zodiac sign is linked to the north direction. North-2 to be specific. Therefore the unlucky direction opposite is South-2 (horse zodiac). Refer to the 24 mountains for specifics.

Putting this information into use, look for what is present at the south-2 area of the house. If this area is a place where the homeowner would spend a lot of time in like the master bedroom or home office, then it would be an unsuitable house for the individual.

It is worth mentioning that the identified afflicted area is a very specific section of the property. So do use specific degrees on a compass to identify this sector.

North in general does not necessarily mean North-2.

The grand duke conflict area should be best left alone and quiet. This also means that in a lot of cases, if the main door is at the area, trouble would be entering the household on a daily basis.

Even if this main door is deemed to be an auspicious main door according to flying stars feng shui, the afflicted person would not be able to reap the full benefits of the positive energy. Which is why sometimes all members in a family are enjoying streaks of extremely good luck… except for one person.

For simplicity, the following table list the zodiacs and their grand duke affliction direction which should be noted of.

Direction Zodiac Angle of Conflict Conflict Sign
N2 Rat 172.5 – 187.5 Horse
NE1 Ox 202.5 – 217.5 Goat
NE3 Tiger 232.5 – 247.5 Monkey
E2 Rabbit 262.5 – 277.5 Rooster
SE1 Dragon 292.5 – 307.5 Dog
SE3 Snake 322.5 – 337.5 Pig
S2 Horse 352.5 – 7.5 Rat
SW1 Goat 22.5 – 37.5 Ox
SW3 Monkey 52.5 – 67.5 Tiger
W2 Rooster 82.5 – 97.5 Rabbit
NW1 Dog 112.5 – 127.5 Dragon
NW3 Pig 142.5 – 157.5 Snake

Personal element

When you first stepped into the world of feng shui and bazi, one of the things that you’ll quickly learn about is your personal element and what other elements represent with reference to your personal element.

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What you want to find out is what are the elements that are detrimental to you.

For example, if you have the self element of Metal and Fire is deemed to be bad for you, then you’d want to avoid houses with a strong fire elemental energy.

There are some basic methods to determine the predominant elemental energy of a property.

One can use the facing orientation, land shape, or house shape, etc.

If a house is facing east for example and has the main door at the same side, it can be deduced that it mainly draws wood energy as east is a direction associated with wood. Just refer to the concept of the 5 elements to make these assessments.

If a house sits on a triangular shaped land parcel, then it has a base of fire energy. This is based on the simple concept of shapes and elements.

If a house is squarish in architecture, then it has a fundamentally strong earth energy.

All these methodologies listed above are based on the simple concept of the 5 elements. So just refer to them to determined the elemental base of a property.

You would of course, have to determine your personal element and the elements that are detrimental to you.

It’s also not impossible that one has no adverse elements.

Gua number

One of the most commonly used techniques to determine whether a house is suitable for a homeowners is with 8 mansions fengshui.

This is a basic determination of a person’s Gua number which categorizes him or her into one of two categories. The same is done to the house.

And a house would be unsuitable for this person if they are of different categories.

For example, a home buyer might have Gua number 8 which puts him under the west group. If a house is Gua number 4 which belongs to the east group, then this house would be deemed as generally unsuitable.

However, take note that feng shui techniques can be implemented to harmonize the dwelling with the homeowner.

You can find your gua number with a simple calculation or refer to this table for reference. And find your house’s gua by following this guide on 8 mansions feng shui.

It’s not unheard of to find a house that is afflicted by all 3 scenarios mentioned above.

For example, a person of Rabbit zodiac with Gua 8, and weak self element of wood, assessed with a rectangular house sitting on east facing west. In this case, the affected person should feel lucky that there are clears signs that it is an unsuitable house. Then continue property hunting instead of buying it.

Finally, it’s worth stating that in many cases, a seemingly unlucky house for a particular person can have it’s fortunes reversed. That is after all, one of the main purposes of feng shui practice.

So even though you might live in a house which brings you bad feng shui personally, all is not lost.

There are also various situations where a property is unlucky for a particular family member, but extremely good for the head of the household. In this case, the unlucky one can still ride the wave of the breadwinner and navigate bad fortune with ease.

But if you are the breadwinner and like a house so much that you are on the verge of buying it, and finds out that it’s an unlucky house for you, then it’s worth seeking expert opinion on whether it’s present feng shui issues can be resolved.

In most cases, it can. But there are also instances where it just makes more sense to look for another house to purchase.

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