Is Bad Feng Shui The Cause Of An Unhappy Love Life?

Many people are single by choice. Many are attached but cannot see themselves marrying their boyfriends or girlfriends. And there are those who are constantly wishing to get hitched but never seem to meet the right person.

What if bad feng shui has something to do with it? What if something in your house has unknowingly manifested bad romance luck into your life?

Let’s find out.

When people consult feng shui practitioners, it is almost always regarding the life aspects of wealth, health and love. And with the latter, the focus is usually regarding finding a life partner.

As there are many variables in feng shui that directly relate to relationships, marriage and love, it is possible to determine if being involuntarily single can actually be a feng shui problem.

Here are some areas of the home to investigate.

1) Left and right side of house

One of the undisputed laws of feng shui is about how the left relates to men and the right to women.

So for women wanting to meet eligible men, the left side of the house is of particular concern. And vice-versa for men wanting to meet women.

If the left side of the house is a dead end, then women will undoubtedly have little luck in romantic relationships. And if it’s a dumpster, no wonder you are always running into the wrong type of men!

By the same line of thought, the same emphasis should be put on the main door due to how much of a significant fixture it is to a property.

If upon opening the main door on your way out of the house there lies a wall on the left, female residents of the house can have bad luck in terms of meeting men.

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2) Missing corners

A house with missing corners is one of the worse feng shui problems to have.

Not necessarily because it causes grave misfortune. But because it is one of those feng shui afflictions that cannot be completely and comprehensively remedied without major construction works. And the odds of a household building a new extension to “bring” back the missing corner for more romance luck is low.

And many times, it’s not from a lack of motivation to rectify it. But simply because it’s impossible like in the case of apartments.

This is why feng shui masters often don’t recommend apartments with glaring missing corners, especially when it is an important sector of the house with regards to the buyer.

Look at it this way.

The Kun trigram is most associated with love. If the southwest where this trigram resides is missing, you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that residents might have bad luck with love, specifically on the type of relationships that results in marriage.

But let’s say you are not even thinking about marriage at this point. You are simply not meeting any potential suitors, whether they turn out to be Mr Right/Ms Right material or not.

Then it’s possible that you have a missing corner on either the East or Southeast. For women, a missing East sector is what is of concern. And a missing Southeast for men. Take note that in this case, we are discussing mature men and women here.

If you are a teenager or very young adult, the directional sectors of concern can be different as you are going after a different target market 😀

And what if you’ve never had any lack of suitors. It’s just the quality of them always tend to be lacking?

3) Affliction in related sectors

I know people who are constantly dating different people all the time. It’s not that they have multiple partners, it’s just that they want to meet as many suitors as possible to increase their chances of meeting Mr Right.

It’s like quickly flipping through the pages of a textbook find that single page that you are looking for.

When you are in such a situation, it is possible that one of the areas at home that is associated with relationships is afflicted.

Check out the south west. Take a look at the East or Souheast depending on your gender as explained previously.

Is it a toilet? A storeroom? A place that is full of clutter? Where the stove is located?

If this is where you keep the rubbish, then it’s no surprise that the men and women you’ve always met are trash when it comes to relationships.

While there are many configurations for these sector that make them beneficial for relationship luck, one of the most ideal setups is to have a garden with flowers that bloom. If it’s a balcony, you can set up a garden there too.

What if you have determined that the identified areas are not afflicted in any way? Then maybe there’s a problem with the green star 4.

4) Green star 4

The green star 4 is the 4th of the 9 stars in flying stars feng shui. It is a star that is associated with romance luck, which is directly relevant when you are seeking metaphyiscal analysis of your luck in romance.

To put this concept into practice, one would have to first identify where is the star 4 residing in the house.

If for example, it is a period 8 house facing NE1, then it would have the below natal chart.

As can be observed in the energy map above, the star 4 is located at the northwest and east.

And like how you check if there are any afflictions in relationship areas explained previously, do the same checks on where the star 4 is located.

At the same time, under most circumstances, a strong presence of metal element in these areas can be detrimental to the health of star 4.

So a huge metal cabinet placed in the area where star 4 is located can literally imprison the benevolent star and prevent it from harnessing good luck for you in terms of romance luck.

Affliction to star 4 is a very common cause of a sudden spate of bad romance luck when you’ve had always been lucky in this aspect of life.

It should be intuitively understood that the health of this star can directly influence the health of your romance. The presence of water or wood helps to nourish this particular love star.

5) Peach blossoms and flower of romance

Every individual has a personal peach blossom star and flower of romance star.

While other feng shui concepts such as the star 4 can affect every person in the household, your personal peach blossom and flower of romance specifically affects you.

It’s worth pointing out that the former is more related to attractiveness while the latter is linked more towards long term relationships.

Once you identify where both these personal symbolic stars are located in the premises, then you need to assess these spaces to ensure that they are not afflicted.

If for example, your personal peach blossom is at the West and a huge overhead beam is pressing down on this area, then you’d have little luck with potential prospects finding your attractive. And if a sharp corner of a wall’s edge is pointing at your flower of romance sector, then no wonder your relationships never turn out to be as blissful as you have dreamed.

What now?

In the grand scheme of things, sometimes we are just living in houses that bring bad luck for relationships. And sometimes, bad luck in love can be specific to one resident as he or she is specifically afflicted.

But where the exact affliction resides can be difficult to determine when you are not well-versed in feng shui.

But since the most common feng shui problems that cause bad relationship luck has been listed above, you can remedy one after another and see which remedy brings about a turn of fortunes.

What you can be sure of is that if the house has ALL the afflictions mentioned above, then you shouldn’t be surprised at all that your romantic life is in the doldrums.

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