Implications Of Bathrooms At Different Sectors Of The House

Depending on where you come from, you might call it the toilet, bathroom, or washroom.

But whatever you call it, the bathroom is a place in the house that is generally undesirable in feng shui no matter which directional sector it is located.

Yet there is no way anyone would live in a house without any toilets.

So the management of bathroom feng shui is of particular interest for any homeowner or tenant who believes in geomancy.

How washrooms affect the energy dynamics of a household and what real life implications it might have depends on the nature of energy that resides in that particular area of the house where the washroom is.

For example, in flying stars feng shui, locating a toilet where the wealth star 8 is will undoubtedly lead to wealth loss unless proper remedies and cures are put in place.

However, linking flying stars with toilets in this particular assignment is not meaningful as different homes would have different natal star charts. This makes it impossible to create a guide that is applicable to all homeowners, landlords and tenants.

This is why when investigating how bathrooms can adversely affect the residents at home is best conducted by looking into the 8 bagua trigrams and the life aspects they govern.

So let’s break down how the location of the bathroom in each directional sector can affect feng shui.

North – Kan

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The north has a residing water elemental energy and is closely associated with money luck in career.

People in the house can expect promotions and career development to slow down like a loris.

The silver lining (if any) is that the washroom and shower area is of water element.

This means that the toilet would not cause any elemental clashes that can transform the sector of the house into a war zone between the conflicting energies.

South – Li

The south sector of the house is in charge of recognition and stature.

On top of that, it is an area with predominant fire energy.

One probably don’t need any elaboration to learn that fire and water don’t get along that well.

Member of the household can expect reputation and status to be negatively afflicted if nothing is done to harmonize the polar energies present.

In worse case scenarios, legal problems can also arise.

East – Chen

The east is the regulator of health chi in the house.

Because it is a directional area of wood, a washroom in this sector can potentially be able to nurture good health in the house.

The keyword here is potentially. Careful feng shui has to be implemented in this health location to realize that potential.

Toilets in this area will invite recurring health ailments, and when badly afflicted, can cause major illnesses to residents. Especially to sons.

West – Tui

As the west is of metal energy base, locating a bathroom here is only going to empower the bathroom.

Meaning a bigger toilet for flush down good fortune.

The people who would see a negative impact on their luck specifically are children as this is a trigram the represents descendants luck.

Northeast – Ken

The northeast is a sector that controls academic luck.

This means that household members could enjoy bad luck with examinations when a washroom is located here.

This does not only affect children and teenagers who are still in school. Adults who are taking professional course and exams can also be afflicted.

Northwest – Chien

Chien is the trigram that represents the patriarch and male breadwinners.

Unmanaged toilets here can cause very bad luck to the men in the house at work and personal endeavors.

They might find obstacles in everything they do without ever finding that wind to catch in their sails for smooth sailing.

Southeast – Sun

The is a wealth location according to the trigrams.

While it can cause wealth loss, don’t forget that there are other wealth corners at home that you can harness for money luck.

Whether this affliction is bad enough to cause financial catastrophe really depends on the setup of the toilet.

Southwest – Kun

This is the sector that represents the matriarch and female breadwinners.

It would be a calamity to have a bathroom here as it also commands relationships in the family.

Expect disharmony within the household and a lack of romance luck when a toilet is sitting in this space.

What now?

It must be noted that a bathroom in a particular sector of a house does not create a feng shui affliction by default.

A lot of times, the setup of the space remedies an affliction by itself. Other times, the adverse effects are so minute that they are negligible.

So if you have found that you have not been badly affected by a badly placed toilet, then maybe doing nothing is the best thing to do.

For example, if you have a bathroom at the northeast and does not find that bad luck have befallen academic luck, then it is possible that the area has been self-corrected and does not need your intervention at all.

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