3 Best Feng Shui Bathroom Plants To Neutralize Bad Chi

It shouldn’t require a feng shui master to tell you that chi from a bathroom is not the type of energy you want to harness for good luck.

For this reason, it doesn’t matter if the bathroom is at the wealth area or the death area. It needs to be carefully managed wherever it is located in the house.

Sometimes bathrooms and toilets don’t pose any real feng shui problems for a house.

Maybe they don’t have doors that open to the living spaces, maybe it’s not located in the kitchen, maybe it’s exceptionally well-ventilated, and maybe it’s well hidden by camouflage doors, etc.

Even when they don’t pose any obvious feng shui problems, there’s no harm putting some remedies in place… just in case.

And if you have a washroom that is giving you feng shui headaches, the first thing that many feng shui masters would recommend that you do is place plants in it. Particularly above the toilet area.

This bathroom remedy is so widespread that it’s like a default remedy for all bathroom feng shui problems!

Even if you don’t practice feng shui, placing some plants in the bathroom can help refresh the air and remove toxins.

The question is what plants to place there?

1) Golden pothos

There’s really only one choice when it comes to feng shui bathroom plants.

And it’s the golden pothos.

Even though it’s widely known as a money plant, it does not carry wealth symbolism like the jade plant.

It just happens to have big wide leaves that remind people of money. And thus, the nickname was given to this plant species.

It’s role in feng shui is to cleanse and purify air, and neutralize bad energy. Not to bring wealth luck.

They are so resilient that they can survive even if you try to kill them. It’s near impossible.

So the combined attributes of an ability to cleanse and an extraordinary ability to live even when neglected makes the golden pothos the number one feng shui bathroom plant to have near the toilet.

And it is so far ahead at first place that you can basically mention golden pothos and the rest when discussing this category of plants for feng shui.

Just place them on top of the water tank and you are done. You can also shine a light at it for added measure.

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Pothos plant beside bathtub and window

But if you somehow have a personal vendetta against this lovely plant, maybe because it has an alias called Devil’s Ivy, then here are a couple more plants for the toilet you can consider.

2) Bamboo

The lucky bamboo plant is best known as the plant that turns fortunes around.

In addition, it’s common used as decoration at spas and holiday resorts because they are oddly able to bring a sense of zen into these places.

This makes them very suitable for the bathroom especially when you are trying to mimic the look of a spathroom.

And because the feng shui purpose of placing plants in the washroom is to dispel negative energy, the bamboo’s reputation of turning things around makes it appropriate for this purpose.

Just be mindful that they can sprout at a breakneck speed.

You might look at it one moment, check your hair at the mirror, look at it again and realized that it has grown an inch!

So be prepared to prune it regularly to keep it’s size under control.

3) Ferns

Ferns are more than able to hold their own in places with little to no natural light.

On top of that, they are able to make themselves comfortable in spaces with high humidity and moisture.

This makes them easy to care for with little maintenance, and feel right at home in the bathroom.

They are also infamous for their ability to purify the air.

I won’t specifically recommend a particular type of fern. But the common ones like the Boston fern or bird’s nest fern would do nicely.

Finally, avoid plants that are generally recognized for their flowers like the orchid, sunflower or chrysanthemum due to their associated symbolism.

For example, if you have invoked the placement of peonies to attract romance luck, then putting them in the toilet is going to attract the wrong types of relationships.

I have to say that the suggestion to avoid flowers is based on the assumption that your bathroom is a regular one that is simple and basic.

If you have built a luxuriously glamorous bathroom that resembles one from a posh 5-star hotel penthouse, then flowers might be alright.

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