Are You Suited For The Real Estate Industry Or Property Investments

One of the most common questions that people who look into their bazi ask is whether they are suited for certain types of careers in certain types of industries.

Some people have been working in a specific industry for a long time and fear that a switch to a different industry can be a scary decision to make.

If you have been employed in the restaurant F&B industry since you’ve joined the workforce, shifting into an electronics manufacturing company can be a very tough decision to make.

One of the industries that employ a very large workforce is real estate. So it’s very common for fresh graduates who are just entering the job market and professionals who are considering job-switching to ponder about whether they would be suited in the real estate industry… and whether they would be able to thrive there.

We can do an assessment of this dilemma with bazi analysis.

Real estate represented by earth element

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Unsurprisingly, real estate is represented by the earth element.

This is irregardless of what is your self-element, season of birth or zodiac sign. These other variables can give us a peek into what sort of roles are suited for an individual, but does not point to an industry itself.

For example, a person might be a very creative talent due to the dominant presence of the eating god in his month pillar. But that does not point to which industry his creativity would reap the most rewards. These skills are desired in almost all types of companies.

The easy answer to whether a person is suited to pursue a career in the real estate industry is to see whether there are earth elements present in any of the 8 characters in his or her bazi.

This means that if an individual has the earth element in any of the 4 pillars, it shows that there is a natural affinity with the industries related to earth such as construction, farming, real property, and even health.

But different positions within the 4 pillars can provide a little more specificity on how an individual is affiliated with real estate.

At this point, learners of bazi might suggest that whether a person is suited for the property market depends on the daymaster’s strength, and how that translates to whether the earth element is a favorable element or an unfavorable one. If earth is an unfavorable element for a person, then getting involved in companies with business natures associated with property will see failure. And only those with earth as a favorable element would be able to thrive in real estate.

That is not really true.

There are many people who have pursued their careers that clash with their self-elements, but still excel and achieve success.

The correct way to look at this is that if earth is a favorable element, then pursuing a career in real estate would be more smooth sailing compared to when earth is an unfavorable element.

For example, some people become real estate agents and hit the ground running. While others need to overcome obstacles to eventually achieve success after a period time as a property agent. And if you ask those who belong to the latter group whether they would switch careers if they knew it was this tough to eventually reach the summit, they’d always declare that it was worth it.

Let’s get down to the positions of earth characters in bazi.

Year pillar

When the earth element is present in the year pillar, it signifies that this person is suited for a role in a large organization. This can translate to a mega property developer, construction company, property management conglomerates, and even working in the operating activities of REITs.

It can also represent that there is a huge likelihood that this individual only gets involved in properties due to being brought into it by others in the second degree of separation.

Some examples are that the grandparents already have an established real estate related company and he or she gets involved in it through nepotism, real property assets are in the inheritance, or that they have entered properties due to friends already being in the industry.

When an earth character is positioned on the year stem, then it can also mean sales related job positions are more suited.

Month pillar

When the earth character makes an appearance in the month pillar, then it means that this person is suited to being directly involved in the ins and outs of operations in property-related businesses.

Having earth in the month pillar gives the individual the most all-rounded potential in real estate. Most (if not all) types of roles in a company heavily involved in properties would enable this person to thrive. However, one would probably find the most recognition and possibly the most rewards working in a small to medium enterprise rather than a fully fledged MNC.

Whether it’s an accountant, salesperson, architect, interior designer, administrator, or even a foreman. Just getting involved in the industry can reap significant rewards as it’s written in the stars.

Day pillar

When earth is on the day pillar, either the daymaster would be Wu earth or Ji earth, or the day branch position would be taken up by one of the Ox, Dragon, Goat or Dog zodiac. Or both the day stem and branch would be of earth element.

When we talk about interactions between different characters having a huge influence on whether real estate is suitable for someone, this pillar is most vulnerable to the effects of the dynamics between different characters.

For example, if the daymaster is of wood element such as Jia wood or Yi wood, then an earth day-branch would mean that this person is attacking the earth element itself, which relates to real estate.

This indicates that the individual did not choose to go into real estate by choice. But did so maybe due to the lack of choices, alternatives, being forced to do so, or by some weird form of luck. While it does not represent failure on the cards, it does show that going into real estate can be a testing and stressful career. Some people just don’t like certain natures of businesses just like some people just don’t like to swim.

If the self-element is earth, and the day branch is fire such as Si or Wu, then it shows that this person would receive a lot of support and resources to pursue a career in this industry.

There are various types of interactions that can be crucial in determining the suitability of a career in real estate when the earth element only appears on the day pillar. Care has to be taken when evaluating such bazi assessments.

Hour pillar

When the earth element appears on the hour pillar, it can mean that this person would find more rewards from real estate investments instead of working in the real estate industry.

This does not mean that a career in property is not advised. It just means that even if this person is involved in this industry, property investments have a strong potential of generating a return greater than employment income.

Another possibility is that this individual is very suited for freelancing in the industry.

No earth element in bazi

When the earth element is not present in the bazi, uncover the hidden stems to see if there are any that are residing below the surface.

If there is still none, then look for earth elements being produced as a result of stems combinations and branch combinations.

If there are still none, then look into the luck pillars to identify periods in life where the earth element enters your luck cycle.

In this instance, pursuing a career in the real estate industry can be done during these earth periods. Property investments would also be favorable.

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