How To Choose A Feng Shui Headboard For The Bed

The focus of feng shui of the bed is usually on it’s position and placement in the bedroom, and the resulting sleeping direction that the orientation would create.

In the big picture of things, these two aspects of the bed would have the biggest feng shui impact on the resident of a room.

But let’s not ignore the finer parts of feng shui when it comes to bedrooms.

For example, sleeping under a beam has long been a common feng shui ailment that many people suffer from. These feng shui issues can cause residents problems even when the bed is in a command position.

On top of that, little problems can prevent a person from fully harnessing the positive energy that proper positioning brings.

The bed headboard is one of those things that won’t cause any big problems when lacking… but can bring better foundations when present.

This means that a strong bedhead puts one in a stronger position to tap on auspicious energy present in the room. And the lack of one can put one in a weaker position more vulnerable to the adverse effects of exposure to negative energy.

There are also practical reasons to install a headboard for the bed.

  • Give the bed a grander aesthetic look
  • Create a barrier between the wall and mattress
  • Soft cushion as support when sitting on the bed
  • etc

If you have already decided to buy a headboard, here are some feng shui factors to consider. And if you are still sitting on the fence, we later talk about alternative things you can do to alleviate this issue.

1) Proportion to bed

As feng shui is all about balance, a head board that is oversized or undersized against the bed is not ideal.

There is no standard ratio that you should aim for. Use visual judgment to assess whether a board is too big or too small when compared to the bed frame or mattress.

2) No clash with bed frame

Common sense tells us that the shape and material of a headboard should blend nicely with the design of the bed frame.

This means that if you are using a metal bed frame, don’t buy a wooden headboard to compliment it.

It will only cause a clash of the elements. Go with fabric.

3) Shape and color

These days, we can find bed headboards in al all sorts of shapes and sizes.

And you might just fall in love with unconventional designs and odd shapes.

Remember that different types of shapes and colors represent different elements.

Avoid those with triangular shapes and red as that brings the fire element… which is not conducive for nights of good sleep.

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The exception is when the fire element is a favorable element according to your bazi and the strength of the self element.

4) Attached to bed

Sometimes, a headboard is installed on the wall and the bed is positioned against the wall.

Ideally the headboard should be attached to the bed head instead.

So purchase one able to affix onto the bed frame.

5) Right measurements

A common mistake people make when buying headboards is getting the dimensions wrong.

Even if you bought one with ergonomic measurements, whether it fits perfectly depends on the measurements you require.

The width or breadth are seldom wrong. But the height is something that one can often make a mistake with as the thickness of the mattress has to be accounted for.

Moreover, the mattress is almost certainly sink into the bed frame. So don’t just think that getting the height of the frame plus the thickness of the mattress is the dimension you need.

Do measure from the bed with the mattress as it is when scrutinizing the dimensions of a headboard.

When there is no bed head board

The reasoning behind having a headboard is for the bed form to have proper head support.

The critical word here is form.

It’s just like how sometimes, walls are suggested in living spaces to segment areas or block energy passages that are too strong. But in the absence of walls, room dividers and partition screens are do the job competently as well.

While a proper headboard is ideal. The absence of one is not the end of the world.

This is because the form of a headboard can be easily crafted with the careful placement of pillows.

Isn’t it interesting that when we make the bed, we instinctively position the pillows at the head of the bed? This is because it is only natural and it creates a visual flow of the room without having anything stand out as weird or strange.

Can you imagine that a bed is made with pillows situation at the foot of the bed?

When you cannot install a headboard for one reason or another, then consider buying a couple of large pillows or cushions. Then place them on the head of the bed to act as your head board.

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