5 Feng Shui Bed Placement Rules That Apply To All Rooms

The bedrooms at home have very important feng shui importance as household members spend about 8 hours a day resting in them.

When we put this factor into perspective, it is easy to see why questions regarding feng shui often centers around the layout and configuration of a bedroom.

It is also why the sleeping position, specifically which sleeping direction a person resting in bed has his head point towards is a regularly discussed hot topic among homeowners.

While the placement and orientation of a bed will play a major role in where a sleeping person’s head will point towards, the art of bed placement has various other critical factors to consider.

If for example, windows end up behind your head after orientating the bed position as your want your head to point at a lucky direction, then it’s better to re-align the bed against a wall than to be sleeping towards your best direction.

It must be said that the focus of bed placement in feng shui is to avoid negative and harmful energy instead of tapping on positive and auspicious energy.

This means that the primary objective of feng shui bed placement is to prevent bad luck instead of encouraging good luck.

Only by avoiding the bad can one be in prime condition to tap on the good.

Saying that, many would argue that avoiding bad luck is as good as having good luck.

Well… that is a discussion for another day.

Here are some bed placement rules of feng shui that applies to every bed room.

Note that this list of fundamental rules don’t factor in more “scientific” approaches to feng shui like flying stars, 8 mansions, land form, etc.

But they hold true nevertheless despite a room’s shape, layout and size.

Even if a bed is positioned and placed nicely to tap on a person’s Shen Chi direction, one is not going to benefit from it if these fundamentals are not adhered to.

1) No windows behind bed head and in front of bed

There are so many things wrong with having windows behind the bed head that I don’t even know where to start.

Window behind bedhead

Firstly, consider that a window is a clear path opening which energy directly enters the premises from. So it is definitely not a good idea to have your head bearing the brunt of the energy force no matter whether it’s positive or negative in nature.

One might even occasionally wake up in the afternoon with a facial sun burn.

Secondly, a window is also less sound-proof and less insulated than a regular wall. This means that disturbances outside can easily cause inhabitants of such a room to experience bad sleep.

Thirdly, it is never good to have no “backing” as support in any areas of the house where people sit, rest, and sleep.

This encourages the arrival of backstabbers into your life.

I could go on with more unfavorable factors, but would stop here as there might not be enough space on this website to list them all.

Just know that a window behind the bed head is very bad for the sleeper.

Ideally the bed head should lean against a wall with no window openings behind or above the bed. And preferably a brick wall.

A window “in front” of the bed means that a window is at the wall where the feet is pointing.

Such an undesirable configurations gives the resident nothing to “stand on” and can make him or her vulnerable to harmful energy that can cause illnesses and bad luck.

It can also induce residents of the room to stay away from home and venture outside or abroad.

2) No overhanging beams above the bed

This is one of the most commonly discussed source of poison arrows (sha chi) for the bedroom.

Beams at the upper corners of ceilings can often press down on beds and suppressing good luck of residents.

Multiple beams above bed

They can be even more harmful when they cut right across rooms without being aligned to the side walls. Because now you don’t just have one sharp corner to contend with if it’s in a corner, but with two corners of exposed edges on the beams.

Take note that the primary direction that these poison arrows “attack” is from a downward vertical direction.

While a diagonally angled direction can also emit harmful energy, it is not of much significant strength in a bedroom to cause a lot of harm to a person.

This is why anyone who has feng shui in mind must not place the bed under a beam.

While any beam is not ideal, the presence of them in a bedroom, but not above the bed is generally considered benign to the resident.

3) No doors cutting into the bed

While overhead beams cause a vertical source of harmful energy, doors cause a horizontal source of harmful energy.

As bedrooms get smaller, especially in urban apartment buildings, doors “cutting” into beds is actually a common occurrence these days.

This ailment basically describes bedroom layout and configurations that places the bed in front of a door when it opens into the bed room.

Applicable to the door into the room or other doors in the bedroom like those to washrooms and storeroom.

This only applies when the bed is situated directly in front (or in line) of a door’s entry way direction, and diagonal directions do not apply.

Door cuts directly across bed

It is most harmful to have a door situated in front of the bed, where the feet (in sleeping position) points.

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This is famously known as the “coffin” position as undertakers transport the dead leading with the feet.

Many homeowners think that they have this feng shui predicament at home as long as the bed is in view when the bedroom door is opened.

This is not the case as explained above. This problem is only present when a door is directly in front of the feet of the bed.

4) Bed should have walking space on both sides

Most people don’t need a feng shui guide to tell them that this furniture arrangement makes common sense.

Especially with couples, why would anyone not orientate the bed with space for either partner to get off on their side of the bed?

Sometimes it can be a genuine space problem.

However, if there is enough space to set up such an orientation, always have space on both sides of the bed.

Many people locate their beds on the side of the room against the wall. Some even tuck them neatly into corners of the room.

While sometimes, such placement of beds might not intrude into other feng shui rules, it is definitely not an ideal placement.

5) No air-conditioner units above bed

The air-conditioner is undoubted an electrical appliance with strong water energy.

What do you think are the connotations when you sleep underneath one?

Even if you have a bazi that would benefit from water energy, sleeping under an aircon will not help enhance your luck.

It will only leave you drowning in bad luck.

Other bed placement considerations

The 5 feng shui factors listed above applies to all bedrooms and most people will find that they will not be battered with bad luck issues as long they follow them closely.

However there are some more general feng shui guidelines regarding bed placement in bedrooms that you can also practice if the 5 primary rules don’t give you enough peace of mind.

  • Don’t align the bed head against a wall shared with a toilet or kitchen (concrete or brick walls are fine)
  • Don’t align the bed head against the same wall which the door into the room uses
  • Men should sleep on the left side and women on the right with reference to the dragon and tiger position
  • Don’t place the bed in front of an imposing mirror
  • Don’t place beds under a sloped ceiling
  • Don’t place the bed directly under chandeliers, lighting fixtures, and ceiling fans

Finally, remember that bedrooms are supposed to be yin areas rather than yang. This is because it is a place where people rest and sleep.

Therefore, strong yang energy can adversely affect the quality of sleep a person gets in the room.

And if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot avoid running afoul of all rules, the selection should be one of the lesser evil.

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