The Meanings Of Begonia Flower In Feng Shui

The begonia plant (秋海棠) spouts a breathtakingly beautiful flower.

While it has a unique appearance, it is also so difficult to use words to describe it unless you are a professional florist.

China has one of the most, if not the most, species of the begonia flowers growing in the wild. It’s suitable climate and soil in the southern regions are the concentrations of where the gorgeous flower prosper.

And even though it’s wide variety of species come in various colors, it is predominantly known as a flower in light red or bright pink.

Thus, the fire element is often discussed when talking about this plant.

Because of it’s ability thrive under different conditions, it is one of the favorites of gardeners wanting to spruce up the front yard and create a cheerful environment.

In recent years, the interest in this perennial flowering plant grew rapidly due to it’s name used in a popular animation series “Big Fish and Begonia”. Which is a show heavily scripted with Chinese culture and folklore.

What meanings and symbolism does begonia carry?

Meaning of begonia flower plant

The begonia carries a diverse range of meanings.

Above all, it is most recognized as a plant of warning.

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But this is not a warning in the sense that “you should not come close”. Rather, a warning to be cautious or misfortune would be ready to pounce.

It’s red color has also been described as an invitation for suitors to step up and reveal themselves.

As a gift, it don’t just communicate a wish for the receiver to avoid obstacles in their life journeys, but also acts as a sign of care and respect from the giver.

In some cases, it can be a good gesture gift to someone when asking for forgiveness.

When creating a feng shui garden, it is not necessary to build up an army of flowers heavily associated with symbolism.

Unlike famed flowers like the lotus which would immediately remind someone about it’s association with purity, there are no such tight connotations behind the begonia.

Parents who are eager for their daughters to marry sometimes prefer to use subtle begonia paintings instead of peonies as the latter can sometimes be deemed as too excessive when there is really no urgency when daughters are still young.

Beautiful begonias can easily be used to fill up empty spaces without being too feng-shui-inclined, while adding to the whole aesthetics of the garden.

For this reason, they are one of the best feng shui flowers to cultivate at home.

You won’t regret it when you witness it bloom in front of your eyes.

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