Bing Fire

There are 10 heavenly stems are important variables in bazi and feng shui.

Bing (丙) is the third character of the 10 stems behind Jia and Yi.

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It symbolizes strong yang fire (陽火) with big flames, and sometimes unstoppable in devouring anything in it’s way.

It’s hot, bright, a danger and ignites passion.

As an ancient pictorial Chinese character, it is drawn to resemble the tail of a fish.

Being a represented by fire, it is no surprise to find that it is related associated with the red phoenix of the 4 celestial animals.

It also should not raise any eyebrows to learn that it is affiliated with the season of summer. In particular, the early phase of summer between May and June.

In religious circles, it can also be a reference to the time between 0900 hours and 1100 hours.

In the 24 mountain directions, Bing sits on a southern direction between 157.5° – 172.5°.

And with reference to body parts, the character Bing can point to parts including:

  • Shoulders
  • Forehead
  • Small intestines
  • Eyes

The trigram that is has an affinity to is the Li trigram.

This can be a representation of one that represents something on the outside but is not congruent in the same way on the inside.

When numerology is concerned, it takes on the number 7.

Bing fire (H3) can be found as a hidden stem in the branches of Yin E3) and Si (E6). It has a combination relationship with Xin (H8) to produce water, and clashes with Geng (H7) and Ren (H9).

Bing fire self element

The main personal attributes of someone with Bing fire as the self-element are passionate, persuasive, excitement, lively, animated.

They can be very generous by nature and often contributes a lot of value to the people around them.

They might be expressive in communication, but can often find it difficult in expressing their true feelings regarding their personal issues.

This can often make them a central figure in social circles and within the family.

Sincerity and righteousness are often traits that people see in them. It can be as obvious as the sun.

However, they can also be overshadowed by others from time to time. But would always rise again to be the center of attention all over again.

This is also a reflection of their approach to situations. If an individual with Bing day master is pursuing a cause with conviction, he or she will get up and go again no matter how many times he or she has been beaten down.

It’s like the sun that will rise again in the morning no matter how cold the night was.

A potential drawback with Bing personalities is that they can sometimes be egoistic, leading to arrogance.

At the same time, this can just be a facade that people get a wrong perception with because of how they present themselves and communicate with other people.

The impression you get, or how you perceive a Bing fire person can be totally conflicting with who he or she really is under the surface.

Even though people with Bing self-element have a tendency not to give up on their ideals as giving up can often be associated with negativity. Giving up on the bad stuff and the wrong actions is actually a good thing.

The key here is in choosing what to give up.

They often have a life purpose to pursue. And if one does not have one, it’s most probably because he or she has not identified a passionate cause to pursue with conviction.

Their strong passion can also often lead them to taking things to the extreme. And such actions can have dire consequences when decisions where not measured and calculated with pragmatism. Optimism can only take one so far.

Learning to identify and avoid bad company can be a theme of life.

Bing fire profiles would usually enjoy the greatest success in partnerships as partners act as the lid to hold down their angry raging flames.

The relation of the elements to Bing Fire is as follows:

  • Wood – Resources
  • Fire – People
  • Earth – Intelligence
  • Metal – Wealth
  • Water – Status

They can be delved deeper for more details by erecting the 10 gods of bazi.

10 Gods

Stem God
Jia Indirect Resource
Yi Direct Resource
Bing Friend
Ding Competitor
Wu Introvert Talent
Ji Extrovert Talent
Geng Indirect Wealth
Xin Direct Wealth
Ren Earned Authority
Gui Given Authority

More about the 10 gods is discussed here.

Bing fire in relation to other self-element heavenly stems

Self Element Bing Fire
Jia Introvert Talent
Yi Extrovert Talent
Bing Friend
Ding Competitor
Wu Indirect Resource
Ji Direct Resource
Geng Earned Authority
Xin Given Authority
Ren Indirect Wealth
Gui Direct Wealth
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