How To Calculate Your Birth Number And What It Says About You

For some feng shui masters, the thought of numerolgy being practiced can make them really uncomfortable.

This is because the numerology being advertised today in the main stream has western origins.

So sometimes, even the attempt to discuss it with them can be met with disgust.

However, feng shui is part of Chinese metaphysics. And Chinese metaphysics is part of the world of metaphysics. And numerology is at the forefront of universal metaphysics.

This is why numerology, whether it is the type that originate from the west or east, should be accepted by metaphysics practitioners… or at least acknowledged.

After all, in the scientific community, it is often said that if an alien race does make contact with us, the only universal language that we might be able to communicate in is the language of mathematics.

This is because the laws of maths governs the laws of the universe, let alone the planet.

On top of that, some of the most widely practiced forms of feng shui today such as flying stars and 8 house, are largely based on numbers and the meanings behind them.

Consider that when a person goes for a job interview, the employer might draw up profiles fo the job applicant based on answers to a questionnaire.

These “tests” can be baseless to some people.

But if profiling is practiced all over the world, why not use numerology as well?

Birth date number

One of the most basic types of numerology is the birth number.

This method makes use of a birth date to tabulate a number.

And with this birth number generated, it helps to profile an individual for whatever purpose you need it for.

The method to calculate this birth number is by adding up the numbers of the birth date to eventually arrive at either a single digit number or 11 or 22.

Sort of a simple equation.

For example if a person, regardless of gender has a birthday of April 2 1978, then the birth number will be calculated as follows.

4 + 2 + (1+9+7+8)
= 6 + (2+5)
= 6 + 7 = 13
= 1 + 3
= 4

Or if a person, whether male or female, has a birthday of September 18 1986, the birth date number is calculated as below.

9 + (1+8) + (1+9+8+6)
= 9 + 9 + (2+4)
= 18 + 6 = 24
= 2 + 4
= 6

The birth number is understood as the base number that will affect a person throughout his or her lifetime.

Do note that when the final figure is 11 or 22, there is no need to add up the individual numbers because they are special categories which will be explained later.

It must be said that combinations or reactions to other numbers can affect the aspects of life.

But on a basic level, these personal birth numbers can determine the personality and characteristics of a person through life.

Here are what the birth numbers mean.

1) Number 1

This is a personality that is naturally competitive.

You might not notice this from the facade that they put up, but make no mistake that they want to win everything as much as they can.

Even for things that don’t matter and with no value, they are keeping track of the score quietly in the heads.

This is part of the reason that they tend to enjoy more money luck as winning the game of life is something that is constantly on their minds.

This can affect them sub-consciously.

The winning ambition is aided by natural leadership abilities. Losing will just serve as more motivation to succeed.

Number 1 people are suitable for running their own businesses and more than capable of holding their own in high positions in both the corporate world and government sectors.

2) Number 2

While the independent nature of number 1s make them fully equipped to achieve their goals themselves, number 2 personalities tend to achieve the most success when working with partners.

While they have a mind of their own, having someone to validate what’s on their minds trigger them to take action.

They make great followers and would sometimes actively seek for leaders to follow.

While they love success like everybody else, they are not the type who would trade success for anything that they feel is unethical or “not right”.

Sacrificing stability for unpredictability is not something that they find attractive. It’s not even an option.

Friendship, love and relationships are too valuable to sacrifice for a career.
Loyalty makes them good team players.

The main weakness of them, or some find it a strength, is their tendency to allow emotions to overrule their heads.

3) Number 3

Number 3 personalities can be very solitary and individualistic to the extent that they can often prefer to do things alone rather than with social groups.

They are also opinionated which often gives them an outspoken characteristic.

Because of this, they are often arrogant or misunderstood as that.

While they don’t always make the most popular leaders, they always harbor ambitions to be leaders.

A disciplined nature makes them highly suitable for authoritative positions in large organizations.

But that solitary nature can mean being an unpopular leader.

Thus, they can thrive best under circumstance when there is a clear chain of command.

The need for rules makes them unsuitable to run a business on their own. This is because flexibility, adaptibility and aglity is requried for small business to succeed.

They are hard working but can often be too caught up with perfection and idealistic concepts.

4) Number 4

Optimistic by nature, number 4 personalities often only see the positives and blur out the negatives of life.

This can be a great way to live, but can also mean a lack of awareness to reality.

They have gratitude with the simple things in life and tend to shun those who might influence them to think otherwise.

They would find the most success in their career as freelancers like writers, designers, performers, etc.

The freedom offered by these types of jobs only provide the platform for them to excel even more.

They are not motivated by wealth but seek a balance of fun and work.

However, because of how much they value relationships, they can often be taken advantage of by people with hidden agendas.

5) Number 5

While number 5 personalities are well balanced and tend to become the jack-of-all-trades in life.

This means that they are good at all aspects but don’t really become outstanding in any of them.

Even if they end up being leaders or the head of a household, it is often only by name and title.

They make great friends and are most often the type of people who create voids in social groups when they are missing.

Being smart and intelligent, colleagues might often find that they cannot instantly understand what they are trying to say.

Because of this, sometimes a quickness to act might appear impulsive but are actually calculated.

It’s just that others have yet to see the vision that number 5s are picturing.

With these attributes, it’s no surprise that they love travels and make great travel companions.

Because of an ability to inspire with charisma and popularity, they can become exceptional especially in social enterprises.

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6) Number 6

Number 6 people are the most charismatic of the lot.

They are able to round up support from the masses easily but can sometimes abuse this gift that they are born with.

Instead of garnering jealousy and envy, they are more likely to have the respect of people around them.

People with such personalities often have the most comfortable lives and easily navigates life as if on autopilot.

However, it is also because of this that they can become complacent and fail to fulfull their potential.

They are usually those types of friends who just appears wiser than their age suggest.

They can make the best contribution to society by being in positions to help others who are suffering or less fortunate.

7) Number 7

Those who become the best in their trade or in a niche market are often number 7 personalities.

This is because they have the best focusing abilities.

They are meticulous and analytical. Making them a mystery to some people.

Saying that, they might not make the best of what they have if they focus on the wrong things.

While they think big, they can also be very stubborn at times.

And there is no way that you can convince them of something which they don’t agree with… because they think that other just don’t “get it”.

A thirst of knowledge and information makes them avid consumers of information.

Socially, number 7s will either become extremely revered or outcast.

There is no in-between.

8) Number 8

In terms of financial success, number 8 people have a very high ceiling.

However, that also means that they can often take on too much risks which stops them from achieving that success.

A lack of focus can often drive them to exhaustion, leaving them mentally open to concede to failure on the brink of success.

For them, single-mindedness is the absolute key to success.

Very suitable to becoming their own bosses as long as they have a clear goal to achieve.

9) Number 9

Number 9s have a strong sense of justice, duty, and responsibility.

Aided by a strong will, nothing will convince them to compromise their personal principles.

They might not make the most popular leaders, but there is no questioning the leadership qualities they bring to the table.

The problem with such personalities is that you have to often watch what you say. Otherwise, a casual politically incorrect statement can get you blacklisted!.

There is also the potential of them feeling above everyone else due to the high moral ground they stand on.

As long as they have self-awareness, their potential for public stature is limitless.

10) Number 11

Number 11 is one of two special numbers. The other being 22.

These personalities have great intuition and are most often the type of people who are successful with things with a “hunch”.

With a high awareness, they perform exceptionally well in situations where they are put on the spot.

This means that they tend to do well with jobs that require them to think on their feet.

Because of a powerful and able intuition, they also tend to pursue spiritual studies to learn more about themselves and develop those abilities.

11) Number 22

Number 22s are action takers who are not afraid to take a hands-on approach to the things they desire to get done.

Instead of contemplating and assessing the advantages and disadvantages of doing something, they tend to just do it and see for themselves what the consequences are.

While this can seem rash to some people, this behavior is also a hallmark of successful people who experience a lot of failure before becoming an outright success story.

However, they can achieve so much more or succeed must faster when they are able to call on help from people with abilities which they lack.

Birth numbers are starting points

It is important to note that birth numbers are just basic starting points in using numerology metaphysics to profile people.

There is much more to numerology than these birth numbers. But the basics are explained above.

This is also why the depth of bazi is so well-respected in the world of destiny analysis.

If you find that you have a connection with numerology, it would be an excellent subject to learn more of.

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