How To Choose And Energize A Black Obsidian Bracelet

Obsidian is a type of natural crystal formed from molten lava and can be found in a variety of colors including blue, green and even multi-colors.

However, the majority of them are black color and it’s also the variant with the most metaphysical properties. The popularity of this range is the reason why it more often known as black obsidian rather than the broader title of obsidian crystal.

It’s fame for it spiritual connections is not just rooted in western healing practices and chakra sessions, but also in spiritual feng shui as well.

It’s no coincidence that this dark colored crystal is one of the default crystals used for the purpose of meditation and spiritual healing.

In it’s raw form, obsidian is amazingly smooth yet hard. This makes it’s nickname of volcanic glass somewhat appropriate. One look at this beautiful crystal and one would be able to see how it got this alias.

Being created from the transformation of lava also associates it with the elements of earth, fire and water.

Other than being used as a crystal ball display item at home, black obsidian is often carried around by people as personal accessories.

Some carry a gemstone in their pockets, handbags or purses, etc. And a more popular way of bringing them with you everywhere is in the form of necklaces or bracelets.

Feng shui bracelets are commonly worn by people for good luck, protection, blessings, and even as fashion accessories. And being a well-known artifact of protection and spirituality, black obsidian bracelets is the jewelry of choice for a growing number of new-age enthusiasts.

Selecting a black obsidian bracelet

For starters, you need to discover if you have any affinity with this natural earth stone.

So walk into a store to take a look at it. Ideally, you’d find it breathtakingly gorgeous and cannot wait to have one as a pendant, ring or stringed as a bracelet.

Touch it. Feel it.

You are not specifically looking to identify good vibes running through you. That has to be harnessed as you use it over time. What you are looking for is whether it brings negative vibes. These come almost immediately.

With regards to a bracelet, obsidian can be designed as jewelry in diverse ways. Nevertheless, the most popular ones are those that are either linked like a beaded bracelet, or somewhat resembling a bangle with the stone as the focal gem taking center stage.

Since people who go for obsidian bracelets are usually seeking spirituality and protection, the beaded design of stringed obsidian crystals tend to be more popular with consumers.

There are some design variants with such wrist-wear.


These are typical fully beaded bracelets made up of only obsidian gemstones.

All natural black for spirituality and protection

They don’t draw special attention from others and is the preferred type of feng shui obsidian bracelet for those seeking to draw on it’s powers while keeping a low profile.

The round crystal balls are generally between 10mm to 18mmn in diameter. And each product usually consist of between 12 to 16 stones.

The size to select really depends on your personal preferences. Smaller body-framed individuals tend to get the smaller ones while bigger sized people can find the bigger stones a better fit. Saying that, smaller sized crystals tend to be more popular.

The strong is stretchable which allows people of all range of wrist sizes to wear them in a comfortable fit.

Obsidian mixed with other gemstones

For those who want more color, obsidian bracelets can also be found mixed with other types of symbolic crystals to for a bracelet.

Some common types of crystals that are blended nicely into such bracelets include jade, citrine, onyx, lapis lazuli, etc. Sometimes we can also find wood beads in the mix too. This is because wood is also a natural element that can be easily shaped into beads.

Obsidian with blue anhydrite

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Different crystals also enable the user to call on the magic of other crystals that enhance other aspects of life.

For added measure, manufacturers might also imprint Chinese characters or mantras on the beads. Just ask what the words mean before you purchase them.

Obsidian with symbols

There is a real rising trend of crystal bracelets that come with a focal symbol. One such feng shui black obsidian wealth bracelet example is the pixiu bracelet.

Another popular design of such bracelets is to attach a dzi bead as a focal symbol. These are meant to call on blessings and protection from dark forces.

Tiger’s eye as focal symbol

Remember that if there is indeed a focal symbol like that of the pi yao, then the power of the bracelet takes on the form of the wealth symbol. The obsidian crystals would then act as an enhancer for the symbol.

So choose wisely, especially when you have an intended purpose for the item to bring a specific type of energy.

And if one just doesn’t feel right, it might be that the crystal rejects you or that your aura just doesn’t vibe with it. This does not necessarily mean that your higher self rejects obsidian. It might be that the particular stone is not desired be your personal energy. So if you somehow have a bad feeling about a particular black obsidian stone, just move on to another and feel it in your hands.

Cleansing and charging your obsidian bracelet

The practice of cleansing your crystal products before regular wear is advocated by all crystal experts.

This is because crystals don’t just have an ability to emit energy, they are able to absorb as well.

As we can only speculate what the crystals have gone through before finally ending up in your hands, the prudent assumption is that it might have absorbed a lot negative energy along it’s long journey into your pocket.

Thus, cleansing them would be essential for any serious practitioner. Crystals cleansing is discussed here. But here is a quick rundown of the easiest ways to do that.

A quick and simple way to cleanse your new personal accessory is to put it in a bowl of water for a period of time. Overnight is usually good enough.

However, do be mindful of what materials your bracelet consist of. Water can do real damage to some types of material. This is especially so if you are using salt water.

Another form of cleansing that is commonly practiced by those who indulge in zen and mediation is with incense smoke. Just hold the item in the smoke created by a burning incense stick and it would be cleansed when the incense burns out. Do be careful not to hold to too near the fire or it might leave burn marks on the stones.

Religiously-inclined feng shui practitioners can sometimes bring the bracelet to the temple and cleanse it with incense smoke from the prayers’ pot. If you do this, then you must wrap the item in a red cloth or red paper after cleansing before bringing it home. Putting it in a red packet can be appropriate too.

Finally, charge the black obsidian feng shui bracelet under the sun.

Again, do be mindful of the materials your bracelet is made of. Some materials do not do well at all under extended exposure to direct sunlight. If that is the case, then place it under the full moon instead.

Once the cleansing and charging is done, your black obsidian bracelet would be ready to serve you.

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