The Blood Knife Is The Star Of Accidents And Mishaps

From bazi readings, it can often be predicted that someone would have a bad year in terms of physical injuries, health issues that require surgery, or accidents that actually see blood.

And the blood knife star is one of the most direct indicators that one would potentially have such a year ahead.

It important to realize that the presence of this star does not necessarily mean that one would encounter such problems. But it indicates a very high potential of such events and mishaps occurring… especially when  the star is not kept in check.

It’s Mandarin name is xue ren (血刃) which literally translates as blood knife or blood blade.

This is not a symbolic star with great potency when present in bazi. So don’t read too much into it when it appears in your 8 characters.

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Every person would have a star that represents the blood knife. But application of it in bazi readings is usually limited to when it appears in luck cycles and annual earthly branches.

For example, if the blood knife arrives in the new solar year as described in the Hsia Calendar, then this individual must be extra careful for the year as he or she would be prone to injuries or health treatments that “see blood”. Saying that, it must be repeated that the potency of this auxiliary star is low and is not easily triggered.

The blood knife can also be an indication of cysts and arterial blockages in the body. It can also refer to small cuts and big slash wounds.

Finding the blood knife star

To identify the character that represents you blood knife, reference should be taken from your year branch in the bazi.

Once the earthly branch is determined, then refer to the table below.

Earthly Branch
Canopy Star
E1 E11
E1 E10
E3 E9
E4 E8
E5 E7
E6 E6
E7 E5
E8 E4
E9 E3
E10 E2
E11 E1
E12 E12

Legend of symbols can be found here.

Because each branch is associated with an animal zodiac sign, the table can also be presented below.

Blood Knife
Rat Dog
Ox Rooster
Tiger Monkey
Rabbit Goat
Dragon Horse
Snake Snake
Horse Dragon
Goat Rabbit
Monkey Tiger
Rooster Ox
Dog Rat
Pig Pig

It can be observed from the table above that there is a pattern to the relationship between them in terms of blood knife.

For example Rat and Dog share a relationship with each other, in that they are the blood knife of each other.

This can then be presented in the following manner.

  • Rat and dog
  • Ox and Rooster
  • Tiger and Monkey
  • Rabbit and Goat
  • Dragon and Horse
  • Snake with itself
  • Pig with itself

These zodiacs can sometimes mean that a Rabbit zodiac individual facing a blood knife year for example, might encounter an event of serious injury caused by a person with the afflicted zodiac.

And if you have a friend who is heavily afflicted by the blood blade star this year, you might want to practice more caution when go out with him or her. This is because should danger present itself to the afflicted friend when you are accompanying him on her, then you are going to have a front row seat to it as well.

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