Should You Buy A House Before Or After Feng Shui?

If you believe in feng shui and looking to buy a house, you might ask yourself the question of whether you should consult a feng shui master before or after buying it.

Maybe you find it necessary to get feng shui advice as you are searching for that dream home, and your spouse only want to seek professional help after you have identified a suitable house.

Maybe you don’t even believe in feng shui metaphysics and just have to get it done for peace of mind.

There are pros and cons on both sides of the story.

Feng shui before buying a house

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The undoubted advantage of getting the expertise of a feng shui practitioner at the “looking around” stage is that you have the opportunity to identify a property that has a favorable feng shui configuration that is in harmony with the energy flow of the environment instead of against it.

The problem with this approach is that it can often create an idealistic mentality, especially on the part of the consultant.

As we all know, the world is never perfect.

But a feng shui master can have a picture in his or her head about what makes a perfect house and impose that belief unnecessarily on a family’s property hunt.

This means that any house that a home buyer identifies as his dream house can be struck off the shortlist as long as it does not meet the standards that the practitioners deem as ideal.

This is partly because the practitioner has no limits when applying his knowledge.

I actually know of feng shui practitioners who are very insistent on being hired before a house is purchased.

This is presumably to help a family select a good house for them according to their bazi and to identify good land form which is out of the control of home owners.

This sometimes create impractical dilemmas for the buyers.

For example, they need a house in a specific area for the practical purpose of being near their work places. But every house in the location is deemed as not having good feng shui.

Thus, a practitioner might continue to reject the house selections made by a property buyer until the perfect house becomes available in the market… which might never happen.

In a way, practitioners who display such behavior are lazy in the sense that they don’t have to put in too much work into remedying problems and enhancing the good attribute of the home if they influence a family into buying a huuse that has little issues.

But this strict selection process can often be impractical and against the interest of the buyers.

The gist of all this is that the ideal stage to bring a feng shui master into the picture during the home buying process is in the house hunting stage.

But… unscrupulous and lazy practitioners might use this opportunity to keep their tasks to a minimum and reject houses that are too challenging to feng shui.

Feng shui after buying a house

Despite an intuitive understanding that feng shui should play a role in the home selection process, most people only engage a master practitioner after buying a house.

And there is good reason for that.

It is mostly for the negative reasons stated previously.

People implicitly understand that a dream home should be one which their emotions come first. Feng shui is secondary, and rightly so.

We shouldn’t be buying a house for it’s feng shui over how much we love it.

Doing otherwise defeats the whole purpose of buying a home for the family.

If a house with bad feng shui is purchased, a feng shui practitioners should know:

  • How to resolve feng shui conflicts
  • How to tap on favorable energy
  • Identify the lesser of two evils to minimize negative effects
  • etc

If you call an IT technician to your house to fix and configure the wireless router, you don’t want to hear about how old or low tech the router device is. You want him to fix it.

Can you imagine the service repair man arriving and refusing to fix it because he don’t fancy that type of router?

When we put into perspective that various feng shui practitioners advocate that they only practice classical, authentic, and genuine scientific feng shui, then there is no reason why they cannot set up cure or enhancers to feng shui a house with bad feng shui fundamentals.

After all science says that two hydrogen atoms plus one of oxygen creates a water molecule. If they claim to practice the science of feng shui, then they should be able to resolve feng shui afflictions competently with sound suggestions and advice.

Which is why I find it appalling to hear about feng shui practitioners who accept consultation fees but are unable to offer competent feng shui advice either because of a lack of knowledge (often citing that they have never read about it in classical text) or experience.

If you are lucky, the seller or previous owner of the house would have already feng shuied the house. Leaving you with little worries regarding this aspect.

But note that you might have to start from square one if extensive renovations are made to the house, effectively changing it’s natal chart.

The takeaway is that it is totally normal and acceptable to first buy your dream home and have a master conduct a feng shui audit on it.

But be wary of practitioners who keep talking about how bad luck the house is and that they can recommend nothing to manage it.

Feng shui before or after?

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages of hiring feng shui help before or after buyer a new home.

Doing it before will improve your chances of acquiring a house with very strong feng shui fundamentals.

Doing it after can often mean that you end up with a house which you have an emotional connection with from the start.

Saying that, it is not impossible to find a home that you absolutely love and comes with great feng shui fundamentals too.

However, finding such a house might take some time. Time which you might or might not have.

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