Using Candles At Wealth Areas To Call On The Fortune Gods

While health and relationship issues are often a focal point for homeowners who practice feng shui, the most common life aspect that people wish for is wealth luck.

This is why locating and activating wealth locations in the house is undoubtedly the most popular topic among feng shui enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Wealth corners of a house are typically energized by 3 categories of enhancers.

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  • Elemental
  • Water
  • Symbolic

An elemental enhancement is applied by powering up the strength of the residing energy in the wealth area.

For example, if it is found that the west is the wealth location, then using earth or metal can invigorate the energy in the particular sector as west is a sector of metal.

A water enhancement is often used as water generally represents wealth in feng shui.

Moreover, when harnessing the water star (facing star), water is required activate and trigger it to release positive energy related to money luck.

This is why water features are often recommended by feng shui masters for these areas.

Symbolic feng shui is practiced when items like the wealth vase and 3 legged frog are suggested for wealth areas.

In feng shui, there is something the Chinese call as the 五路财神 meaning wealth gods from the 5 directions.

The 5 directions refer to the cardinal directions of north, south, east, west, and center.

It is believed that by calling on the celestial powers from all directions, one would be able to be stuffed with extravagant good luck of wealth opportunities.

The following ritual will enable you to call on the luck brought by the fortune gods.

It describes a method of using candles for energy enhancement.

Step 1

Prepare floating candles in 5 colors of:

  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Blue

These selection of colors represent the 5 elements and directions.

They can be purchased relatively cheap online or in home furnishing stores.

Some people call them tea lights, water candles or floating candles.

The marketing term is not important. Just get those that float!

Step 2

Prepare a large bowl big enough to place 5 floating candles in.

Those punch bowl often observed in parties are good.

Step 3

Fill up the bowl with water to around the halfway mark.

Then place the candles of different colors in it in the following sequence.

  1. Green
  2. Red
  3. Yellow
  4. White
  5. Blue

Step 4

Place the water bowl with candles in them at the wealth location.

This placement will enable the area to harvest wealth energy and spread it to the inhabitants in the household.

Step 5

Make your wish regarding your career, money, or wealth.

Be sincere in heart and clear in mind.

Step 6

Light up the wicks of the candles and leave them to burn within the below specified hours.

The candles should be lighted up during earth hours.

This means that any hours of the:

  • Ox (0100 to 0300)
  • Dragon (0700 to 0900)
  • Goat (1300 to 1500)
  • Dog (1900 to 2100)

Do not allow the flickering flames to continue burning past these hours.

Things to note

The more often this ritual is practiced, the more your wealth locations will be supercharged.

Also note that the 5 colored candles symbolizes the 5 elements. So if you are unable obtain them in the colors stated, alternative colors are acceptable as long as they represent the colors of the elements.

While the practice of this ritual can be applied on any wealth area identified, it would be most potent for the wealth star 8 in flying star feng shui.

Finally, be mindful that when working with fire, even if they are as minute as small candles, always take extra care to ensure that fire safety is practiced.

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