The Canopy Star (elegant seal) Is A Star Of Arts

Intelligence and creativity is not a representation of personality.

Rather, they are traits, attributes, or characteristics that people have that they are either born with or learned.

While every person is smart and creative in their own right, when we describe someone as creative for example, we usually refer to one who is above average in the creativity field.

Sometimes, we just have to admit that another person is that much better than us or anyone else.

For instance, if you have ever had a lengthy discussion with a professional interior designer about how to design your home, you’d learn pretty fast he or she would be able to visualize aesthetics in a way that you cannot imagine.

They “see” things in their mind and try to explain to us… and we just cannot visualize it. It is only until drafts and drawings are done where we understand what they are talking about… and how good they are in their field.

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The canopy star is a symbolic star that indicates creative brilliance and talent. But it also denotes an individual who is independent, solitary, or even lonesome.

Basically, someone who either prefers to be alone, have little problems being alone, or contented to be alone.

Pronounced hua gai (华盖), this auxiliary star goes by various aliases including:

  • Elegant seal
  • Imperial canopy
  • Star of arts
  • Cultural cover
  • etc

Those who possess this star in bazi would be blessed with natural talent in arts, having a philosophical mind, and can be brilliant at times. It can sometimes also indicate an introvert, and being destines for greatness.

No surprise that there is a common phrase in Mandarin wu di shi ji mo de (无敌是寂寞的) which translates as it’s lonely being invincible.

The canopy star is an excellent star for those in the creative field like writers, designers, musicians, etc. Especially when their jobs only require their creative inputs to complete.

Saying that, it’s probably not desirable for those who work in creative teams where teamwork is required… unless it’s the creative director of course…

In that case his/her decision is what goes.

Even though we talk about those having this symbolic star as being lonesome, it must be noted that it might not be the case that this person is naturally introverted. It might be that he/she gives off the vibes that is perceived as loneliness.

Under the right circumstances, this star can also de-void a void star that is present in the 4 pillars.

Finding the elegant seal

To identify any elegant seals in the bazi, we take reference from either the day branch or the year branch.

Most masters exclusively use the day branch. But am aware of some well-respected masters who use the year branch as well.

Once the earthly branch is identified, then follow the below table to determine the canopy star.

Earthly Branch
Canopy Star
E1 E5
E1 E2
E3 E11
E4 E8
E5 E5
E6 E2
E7 E11
E8 E8
E9 E5
E10 E2
E11 E11
E12 E8

Legend of symbols can be found here.

So if you a friend who just seem aloof all the time, disinterested, or simply too cool to be bothered by everything around him/her, then don’t be surprised to find this star the bazi.

Just be mindful that just because someone appears arrogant does not mean that he/she is indeed so.

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