8 Special Categories Of Flying Star Natal Charts

The practice of flying stars feng shui requires one to generate a natal chart of the house in question.

Only after plotting or identifying the chart that is applicable to the property, can one be able to implement enhancers and remedies towards the energy dynamics of the home.

There are a total of 144 birth charts consisting 16 for each of the 9 time periods.

And some of them belong to special categories depending on the period which a feng shui audit is being conducted.

This is because timely stars play a critical role in determining whether a particular natal chart belongs to a particular category.

For example, a 7 water star situated at the facing of a house would be prosperous during the age of 7, but becomes very unlucky once we entered into the age of 8 in 2004.

In some cases, they can even be extremely auspicious or inauspicious regardless of the period.

Here are some notable categories of flying star charts to take note of.

You will need a basic understanding of flying star feng shui to truly make sense of the following examples.

1) On mountain on water

The on mountain on water (旺山旺水) configuration of stars occur when the timely star of 8 takes position as a mountain star at the sitting palace of the house and as the water star at the facing palace.

An example is the period of 8 chart facing NE1 during the age of 8.

To fully harness the favorable alignment of stars which brings harmony and wealth, such a house needs to have water in front and mountain behind.

2) Up mountain down water

This up mountain down water (上山下水) category is somewhat the opposite of the on mountain on water orientation.

This birth chart can be identified when the timely star acts as a mountain star in front of a house as facing, and water star behind as the sitting.

An example is a period of 7 house facing W1 during the age of 7.

The star 7 which is the timely star in this case serves as the sitting star at the front palace while as a facing star on the rear palace.

This layout of stars is against the normal feng shui best practices of having a tortoise behind as a mountain and phoenix in front as an open space palace.

Thus it is generally inauspicious unless there is a mountain in front and water at the back of the house.

3) Double stars facing

The double stars facing (雙星到向) category takes shape when the timely star acts as both the water and mountain stars at the facing of the house.

You can observe this take place in period of 9 house facing E2 during the age of 9.

It can be seen that number 9 star acts as both the mountain and water star at the front of the house.

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This can be extremely lucky for a household if there is the presence of natural water in front and mountains in the distant.

4) Double stars sitting

As you might expect, the double stars sitting (雙星到坐) arrangement occurs when there is a formation of timely water and mountain stars at the sitting palace of the house.

An example of such configurations is a period of 9 house facing E1 during the age of 9.

In this illustration, the timely star number 9 takes position at the sitting palace as both the facing and sitting star.

This is a great residence for harmonious living and prosperity.

To tap on the favorable energy, the house needs to have mountain at the back and distant water in view.

5) Parent string

The parent string (父母三般卦) combination of stars is one of the most infamous star formations found in natal charts and can bring enormous good fortune luck.

It genuinely belongs to a special category of natal charts.

A parent string is identified when there is any combination of base, mountain and water stars that create a combination of numbers consisting of either:

  • 1-4-7
  • 2-5-8
  • 3-6-9

When they occur in any of the 9 grids of the luo shu square in a natal chart with a timely star, that particular space is said to be a very auspicious sector of a house.

There are 10 out of 144 natal charts that have this parent string combination in ALL 9 grids.

One of which is a period of 8 house facing NE2.

As can be observed, every segment of such a house will be ruled by a parent string.

Meaning there will be extremely auspicious energy to tap on in any period in time.

6) Pearl string

The pearl string (聯珠三般卦) combination takes shape when stars line up in a sequence in every grid of a natal chart.

For example, a period of 7 house facing NW2.

While pleasing to the eye, such flying star charts will only be very auspicious if the star of the ruling age can be found in the center of the chart.

Otherwise, the luck of such a house will depend on regular analysis and audit.

7) 7 star robbery

The 7 star robbery (七星打劫法) is an auspicious configuration that is probably only bettered by the parent string chart.

It is potentially erected when facing stars for the parent string combinations of 1-4-7, 2-5-8 or 3-6-9 form a triangle or diagonal line, with the timely facing star at the main entrance of the house.

However, there are conditions to fulfill for the 7 star robbery formation to be activated.

When there is a triangular formation, the facing star at the main door has to be the timely star… and it must be a natal chart of a double star facing or double star sitting category.

On top of that, the other 2 facing stars other than the one at the main entrance must be in areas where there is a door or window that opens to the outside.

For example, a period of 7 house facing S1 during the age of 7.

Remember that during the age of 7, the parent string of 1-4-7 reigns supreme.

In this case, refer to the facing star 7 at south, facing star 4 at east, and facing star 1 at northwest.

The main entrance MUST be at the south sector, and windows or doors at the east and north west.

In diagonal formations of the 7 star robbery, the timely parent string can form with a diagonal straight line across the center palace as long as the facing stars match up to the parent string.

For example, a period of 9 house facing NE2 during the age of 9.

As can be observed, the 3-6-9 formation take shape on the facing stars at northeast, center, and southwest.

8) Sum of 10

The sum of 10 (合十) combination of stars occur when the period base star add up with either the mountain star or water star resulting in the number 10.

On individual palaces or grids, even inherently bad sectors can flip to being favorable when there is a sum of 10 combination.

On rare occasions, the sum of 10 can occur in all 9 palaces either with the mountain stars or water stars.

For example, a period of 8 house facing SW1.

A home with such a combination of 10 configuration of stars will enjoy good health and relationship harmony.

A mountain at the back of the house will energize the health and harmonious energy within.

An example of a facing star sum of 10 house is one built in the period of 9 facing NW3.

From the picture above, it can be seen that the base star on all palaces add up with the facing water star to the number 10.

Such homes will enjoy wealth and money luck.

The presence of an outdoor water feature at the house facing will be able to activate the auspicious energy.

However, this chart becomes much less powerful when there are missing sectors in the property.

More special natal charts

There are actually many more other types of special category star charts.

Some of which include the serial stars, duplicating stars, imprisoned stars, etc.

The purpose of this lengthy explanation is that if you identify your home’s natal chart as one of the special categories, do make it a point to make them work.

You are already lucky enough to have them. Not using them to the best of their abilities is a waste of good energy.

And if you are looking to buy a new home, you can use this knowledge to select one that inherently has good feng shui.

Or you can convert it into one by updating it’s natal chart to the current period with renovations.

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