How To Change A House Natal Chart To The Current Period

If you have run the numbers for determining the flying star birth chart of your house and find it repulsive with bad feng shui, all is not lost.

Opportunities will present themselves for your to change an undesirable natal chart into one that is loaded with auspicious energy of the current house to tap on.

You just need a little time and patience.

Flying star feng shui has a time cycle of 180 years consisting of 9 periods of 20 years each.

While the flying star chart of a particular house is set on the day construction works on it completes, owners can still change or update it’s chart to it’s current period.

For example, if an apartment was built in 1999, it would inherently have a period of 7 natal chart. Depending on the orientation and floor plan of the home, this particular chart might not be ideal for this particular apartment to tap on positive auspicious energy.

However, if significant renovation works are undertaken on the house in 2019, then this house will have a new period of 8 chart… which could potentially be ideal for this particular house.

The question is always… how much renovations and remodeling is required for the change of birth chart to take effect?

We will answer that in a bit.

Firstly, you must ensure that a change in natal chart will indeed bring better luck for the house and household members.

Otherwise, you are just digging your home’s own shui grave.

For example, if you have a period 7 home facing W2 with the main door at direct west, then the red violence star 7 would enter from the main door. But when you update it to a period 8 house facing W2, then energy and chi entering from the front door would be overwhelmingly auspicious with the wealth star 8 at the main door sector.

In this case, changing your house into a period 8 house makes perfect sense.

On the other hand, you might think that the home’s current star chart is bad. But unbeknownst to you, it belongs to a special category such as the parent string which is a type of chart that some people would die for.

Changing this particular chart to a new one is like throwing wealth water down the refuse chute.

So please… do ensure that you know what you are doing before intentionally changing a home’s birth chart via renovations.

Or else you might lose the good fortune feng shui the house has bestowed on you all these years.

How to change period birth charts of house or office

As mentioned earlier, extensive remodeling works will effectively change an old period chart into a current and new period chart.

This change actually happens often without the knowledge of new home owners.

This is because for most home buyers, the property would be renovated to the new owner’s liking after closing and completing the property transaction.

They undertake grand remodeling works which effectively updates an old birth chart to a new one.

However, if you have been living in the house for years or decades without any major construction works done, and have the full intention to change the house’s period star chart with minimum constructions, then you need to renovate 3 aspects of the home.

  • Main door
  • Roof or ceiling
  • Flooring

When these 3 areas are extensively remodeled or replaced, the energy of the house changes and takes on the natal chart of the current period.

Main door

The main door is one of the most important, if not the most important, feng shui factor of a house.

The most potent energy force enters from the main door even if it is not where the house is facing.

Making decorative or cosmetic changes to it is not enough. It needs to be replaced completely.

We talk about getting the main door right here.

Roof or ceiling

When it is a single family house, at least a third of the roof have to be replaced.

So if you are on a tight budget, change at least one-third of the shingles on the roof.

When it is an apartment, the works have to be on at least one-third of the ceiling, or one-half of the walls.

Less than that, it would be too minute a change to effect a change in energy chart.

The most ideal and comprehensive thing to do is to upgrade or replace the whole roof or ceiling with new ones.

This ensures that you have this box checked.


Like the roof, at least one-third of the flooring has to be worked on.

Consider replacing the old tiles with new ones. Or changing from ceramic tiles to hardwood.

Just be mindful that aesthetics might be compromised if you choose to conduct works only on a third of the flooring in the house.

In most cases, just replacing the flooring in all common areas should be enough to make up that one-third.

Getting more out of the renovation works

When you are going ahead with the renovations to change the home’s natal chart, consider that since construction works are going to occur in the house, you might as well have other feng shui ailments fixed once and for all.

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For example, a beam hanging over the bed or sofa might have been bothering you every since you moved in but you never found the motivation to have it leveled due to the inconvenience it would cause the family.

Since you are having works done on the ceiling, you might as well go with a false ceiling to rectify and totally eliminate these pesky beams once and for all.

Or maybe you have long thought about installing curtains to block the washroom door facing the living room or kitchen.

The scheduled works would make it a good time to have them curtain rods installed.

So go through your feng shui checklist and see if there are ailments that you can have contractors resolve since they are going to work on the house anyway.

Also take note of some of the rules regarding ceilings and floors like:

  • Ceilings should be of a lighter color and flooring of a darker color
  • Squares are good for flooring while circles are good for ceilings
  • Uneven surfaces are bad feng shui for both ceilings and floorings
  • etc

No point spending money on renovations and having to temporarily move out, then ending up with a new feng shui affliction which you have to live with for decades to come.

Renovation planning

If you are intentionally changing your house’s natal chart from period 8 to period 9, there are certain annual feng shui afflictions that you have to factor in when planning your renovation plan and schedule.

Construction works will definitely impact the energy in any sector of the house. And when negative energy resides in these areas, they can bring misfortune and bad luck.

For example, one of the most infamous is the grand duke.

During it’s reign for the year, the particular section of the house where the grand duke resides should not be disturbed.

Finally, have fun and make this an enjoyable process.

Getting stressed out over this can bring negative energy into the new spaces.

The mindset to carry should not be that you need to have it done and forced to do so. It should be that you want to do it and happy to be able to.

After all, everything that you have planned for the works to go ahead are made to create positivity and good luck in the house.

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