5 Most Popular Chinese Knots Used In Feng Shui

When you mention a feng shui knot to someone with at least a basic knowledge of feng shui, the odds are overwhelming that the first thing that comes to mind is the mystic knot.

This is understandable as they are used so much during auspicious events and Chinese festivals.

While there are countless Chinese knots in culture, with origins dating back further than literacy itself, only a handful of them are most often used in the practice of feng shui.

Saying that, probably 8 out of 10 knots used in feng shui is probably recognized as the mystic knot. But let’s give the others some well-deserved attention as well.

1) Mystic knot

After mentioning this knot a couple of times already, it is only appropriate that we start off this list with it.

Also known as the endless knot or infinity knot due to it seemingly having no ends tied in a continuous unbroken string, the mystic knot (盤長結) is symbolic of longevity and everlasting happiness.

No wonder it’s one of the favorite symbols used as decorations in traditional Chinese weddings.

In fact, when one is considering a knot display item and cannot make a final decision, the odds are that the mystic knot would be chosen by default as it’s a safe bet.

It is also often displayed in various forms in homes for protection and peace.

2) Ruyi knot

The ruyi knot (如意結) is most commonly carried by business people and those who are striving for success in their careers.

Particularly symbolic with those trying to climb the corporate ladder and those involved in government-related positions including those serving in the military.

This is because this particular chinese knot represents success and a smooth life journey with limited obstacles.

It is also a symbol that is generally associated with good luck just like the ru yi itself.

3) Good luck knot

The good luck knot (吉祥結) is a chinese knot that is often carried around as a pendant on a necklace or bracelet for good personal luck.

It looks pretty cool and must people who carry around as a personal emblem would not be shy to show it off.

No wonder it is popular with students as both a god luck charm for their studies and an item that can start a little casual small talk.

It’s commonly used as a casual gift when there is no special occasion.

4) Butterfly knot

The butterfly knot (蝴蝶結) is cute… and understandably resembles a butterfly.

While this is it’s feature, it is not surprising that it’s not popular with men. It might just put their masculinity into question.

The chief reason why this adorable knot managed to make it’s way into feng shui is that the word Hu (蝴) rhythms with the word Fu (福) which translates to the meaning of blessings.

We all know how the Chinese love wordplays.

But because of it’s appearance which can put an adult’s maturity under scrutiny by gossipy aunts, the butterfly knot is mostly used in children’s rooms or as amulets for kids to carry with them.

5) Double fish knot

Among the various knots that are crafted to resemble animals, the most popular one is probably the double fish knot (双魚結).

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The fish in these designs are most often carp or koi.

There are a few reason why fishes have strong symbolism in Chinese culture.

And among them, the most significant of which is that the word fish pronounced as Yu (魚) is a homonym with 餘 which means surplus or excess.

This is a common word used in chinese phrases to wish other well in their work and generate wealth in excess of what they need.

The double fish knot is often designed together with other knots such as the mystic knot for display in the residence during celebrative festivities like the new year or at weddings.

Finally, Chinese knots are beautiful when they are meticulously handcrafted by motif experts. And they make great home decoration items. Especially when you are going for that oriental look.

And when in doubt, go for the proven mystic knot as it is such a pleasure to behold.

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