How Citrine Crystals Are Used In Feng Shui

Even though there are a diverse collection of crystals that are yellow or somewhat gold in color such as yellow jasper, yellow sapphire and golden onyx, the majority of yellow crystals available in the mass market is citrine.

Either that, or they are disguised as citrine.

This is because more and more jewelers are selling heat-treated amethyst and smokey quartz under the critine label as genuine authentic citrine of considerable size are actually quite rare.

However, crystal healing practitioners generally agree that natural crystals that pass off as citrine due to their color hue have the same connotations as real citrine. This is because the magic of the stone is in the color properties in the natural stone.

So while real natural citrine are preferred, other crystal substitutes of citrine are acceptable as long as they are not faux crystals.

While the name citrine originate from the word citron which is French for lemon, it’s use in feng shui is not meant to leave a sour taste in your mouth.

It is also sometimes known as the merchant stone. And is called cha jing (茶晶) in Chinese.

Metaphysical attributes of citrine crystals

The bright yellow of citrine is associated with the radiance and cheerfulness of the sun. Important characteristics to turn pessimism to optimism.

These high vibration crystals are often recommended by crystal practitioners for meditation, crystal baths, activating the third chakra, calling for optimism, career luck, etc.

Crystals baths for example, is an activity of soaking yourself in a bathtub with crystals in the water. Using citrine supposedly enhances the immune system and also alleviates degenerative conditions by balancing energy flow.

It can also be used to connect with your higher self, specifically to address negative behavioral patterns.

All in all, whether it’s yellow or dark golden brown, it is mostly connected with personal development and improvement.

Recognized as a crystal of abundance, it’s no wonder that many love their citrine so much that they carry one in their pocket all the time.

Citrine is also associated with wealth and abundance in feng shui.

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As such, they are one of the most popular crystal of choice for personal jewelry and emblems.

Citrine bracelets and pendants for example, are some of the more common ways people carry citrine around with them all the time.

When people carry citrine as personal accessories, it is usually to call on wealth and career luck, or when the individual needs a personal boost of earth energy.

This helps one to make the most of good luck that he or she is already experiencing in life.

They are a favorite among those working in capacities related to sales.

When use for placement in feng shui, it is mostly placed in the wealth locations identified in the house. The most common one being the primary wealth area.

Because this requires a more considerable presence of the stone, the feng shui placement is the objective, homeowners are usually suggested to get:

  • Citrine clusters
  • Citrine geode caves
  • Citrine chips
  • Gem trees made of citrine
  • etc

Before setting them up in a wealth corner, users might want to consider cleansing and charging it with energy.

Citrine crystal chips are also often used as filler items for other feng shui items such as in the wealth vase, on the wealth ship, or a simple crystal bowl put on display on the coffee table.

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