The Cosmic Unity Of Heaven, Earth And Man Luck

The cosmic unity of luck is the big picture of how luck is derived in Chinese metaphysics. It is known as san cai (三才) in Chinese, which can be translated as 3 luck. Commonly also refereed to as the 3 realms and 3 powers.

And it consist of:

  1. Heaven luck (天)
  2. Earth luck (地)
  3. Man luck (人)

This means that the luck an individual enjoys, or is deprived of, in life comes down to these 3 variables.

It is also from this unity where the common phrase tian shi di li ren he (天时地利人和) originate from. It basically means the right time at the right place with the right people.

Heaven luck is about the laws of heaven, including destiny which is what the study of bazi attempt to decipher.

It is something which we cannot change and predetermined the moment an individual is born into this world. We have no control over who our parents are, our brothers and sisters, and the circumstances in which we are born into. However, it must be said that more and more people are choosing the time of the birth of their children with cesarean delivery procedures. Some choose the time of birth with bazi in mind to have an influence over heaven luck.

Earth luck concerns the environment which is what feng shui is about and how it links heaven and man.

It is essentially a notion of how the physical surroundings and timeliness of events affects the general luck that a person enjoys or succumb to. Feng shui is all about earth luck where people harness the power of the earth to boost their prospects of encountering positive events throughout life’s endeavors. Be tapping onto the chi of the environment with the practice of feng shui, one can considerably increase his/her cosmic unity factor.

Man luck describes the life choices man makes and the implications of each action or inaction.

This is associated with the decisions one makes in life, personal traits and virtues, including spirituality. This is also why almost all feng shui masters tend to embrace spirituality practices and habits. Many feng shui experts often emphasize that feng shui is not a religion or related to symbolism. This is correct, but spirituality is part of the cosmic trinity under man luck.

From the above, it should be clear that feng shui only belongs to one-third of the good or bad luck in which we experience in life. Which is why if one only practices the technical component of feng shui, it would be leaving out the other two of the trinity.

And even though we are unable to change our heaven luck, we have the means to make a strong influence on earth luck and man luck.

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This means that while your destiny is determined the moment you were born, you can still take actions to shape the manner in which it turns out.

It’s just like even though you have to get to the airport at a certain time before the flight takes off, there are various ways you can make your way to the departure area.

You could drive, take a cab, hitch a ride, or even walk!

In addition to that, there are hundred of routes you can choose to go with.

So while bazi might tell you where you would end up, feng shui and your actions would determine how you can make the best of your destiny.

The cosmic unity of luck is one of the metaphysical concepts that explains everything from a big picture perspective.

For example, some people have a bazi that flat-out states that they are destined for greatness. But they end up living a happy and average lifestyle that don’t stand out.

Why is that so?

It’s because of the lifestyle choices they have made (man luck). This could be down to how they were brought up within the compounds of a house with a certain configuration of feng shui (earth luck).

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with living a regular lifestyle. After all wealth is subjective. And happiness is widely considered as true wealth.

But the point is that while destiny might show one what his or her true potential is in life, personal choices shaped by character and feng shui can materially affect whether that destiny hits it’s full maximum potential.

Let go with one more example.

Some people work like there’s no tomorrow and never even get to become an executive of senior management. No one can question the hard work they put in and the gallons of midnight oil they have burned. But they never get promoted to management.

Why is that?

It is most likely that heaven luck is not on their side.

Their destiny does not plan out a route to the CEO position and they are stuck in where they. However, they might still be contented with what they have got out of their careers by making the most of it.

It could have turned out differently if they had made the wrong choices in life.

All these means that even though feng shui and bazi practices are meant to improve luck so as to live a more fulfilling life, sometimes things will simply not move towards the direction where we want.

To achieve extraordinary success in life, the fusion of all 3 luck segments in a cosmic trinity needs to be aligned.

And if that’s not present, the silver lining is that we can still make the most of it with the decisions we make and actions we take in life.

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