The Double Edge Sword Of Croton Plants

The croton plant is one of the most popular species of house plants due to their beautiful diverse sets of colors and color tones that a single plant foilage can grow into.

These colors include:

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • etc

With these spectrum of colors, it is no wonder it is such a favorite among many households.

And since one of the key concepts of feng shui is balance, a variety of colors can represent various different elements and possibly put together a whole set of 5 elements to achieve maximum harmony.

Even when a single element is missing, it can be added to the plant by using specific colors of flower pots.

For example, if you have a croton plant that produces green, red and blue, it represents wood, fire and water. By adding the elements of earth represented by the soil, and a white pot symbolizing metal, this one single croton plant can achieve the balance of the 5 elements being present.

This makes it agreat feng shui item to for remedies and dissolve sha chi. Sort of like why the 5 elements pagoda can be effective in neutralizing negative energy.

In addition, the fancy colors of the plant can sometimes be absolutely breathtaking.

However, even though their appearance can easily capture the attention and imagination of home owners, they can often be avoided due to their sunlight requirement.

These plants are not as resilient as the golden pothos or cactus plant which are able to thrive even with minimal sun light.

Don’t get the wrong idea.

A croton plant might be able to survive in a house with little exposure to natural light. But it will not be able to reach it’s full potential of growth and development. It’s not good to keep a living thing barely surviving in the house as it can emit yin energy.

Because of this requirement, crotons are best place outdoors so that they can get more sun, or at the east or west windows indoors. They made great additions to gardens and landscaping when you want to add more colors to the over all color scheme of the hedge for instance.

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This sun factor alone can often be enough to deter homeowners to purchase them for home decorations even though they love the look of it.

Saying that, if there is considerable sha chi coming at your apartment from the east window for example, then the croton plant can be an ideal resident at the east window ledge.

One more thing that home owners should take note about this plant is that it is poisonous. The natural toxic that it produces can cause health problems, especially to those with weak immunity systems.

As such, they are not recommended for households with pets or children.

For the beauty that this plant brings, it does come with some baggage. Just like how roses have to come with thorns.

The suggestion is to practice caution when unsure and stick to plants that you are sure about.

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