5 Simple Ways To Use Crystal Balls For Feng Shui

You don’t need to believe in feng shui to find the beauty of crystal balls mesmerizing.

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In fact, a huge number of people who purchase crystal ball for display, at home and in the office, didn’t even think about the metaphysical aspects of these earth gems.

Yet these days, with the rising popularity of feng shui, if you see a set of crystal balls on display in a house or office, one of the first things that come to mind would be that it must be something to do with the ancient art.

For clarity, crystals can come in various forms, shapes and sizes. Even as globes. Here, we are specifically referring to round crystal balls.

Almost all types of crystals can come in round ball shapes.

These have a particular symbolism as the smooth surface is said to represent harmonious relationships and fullness.

And for those who simply cannot decide what to get, going with natural clear quartz crystal balls is the safe thing to do.

While the following methods of using crystal balls are common practices of feng shui practitioners, don’t forget that crystals can be cleansed and charged to maximize it’s potential.

1) Primary wealth corner

New learners of feng shui often talk about the wealth star 8 in flying stars feng shui or Sheng Chi sector in 8 mansions when thinking about wealth locations.

But one of the most ancient ways to locate a wealth location with with form school and finding the primary wealth location.

This is the space that diagonally across the space from the main door.

Placing a bowl of crystal balls would work wonders for enhancing money luck. This is especially so if the wealth corner happens to be at the northwest, west, northeast or southwest.

How many balls to use depends on which directional sector it concerns. For the NW, W, NE and SW, you can use 6, 6, 8, and 2.

2) At the foot of the bed

This is often said to be a cure for family member who are having conflicts with other members in the household.

It brings harmony into the house.

At the same time, it absorbs negative energy that you might bring with you when you turn in for the night.

3) At the NW or SW

If you are not totally new to feng shui, you’d already know that when we specially place things at the northwest and southwest, the patriarch and matriarch are focal points.

Since earth energy strengthens both these sectors, crystal balls are naturally suited to be placed in them.

If the patriarch would benefit from having a better standing in the household for example, then placing crystal balls at the NW can fulfill that desire. And the same with the matriarch at the SW.

4) At the door or window

Crystals have the ability to disperse energy which makes them useful for remedies against sha chi attacking the house from the outside.

If for example, you have a window view exposed to a sharp corner from the opposite, clear quartz can be used to weaken the incoming poison arrow.

Common ways to place them can be at the window ledge or hung from the top of the window frame.

This is most effective when the hostile affliction is coming from a southerly direction.

5) Work desk

When placed on the work desk, crystal balls are above to improve your concentration. Which is why it is also often used on a study desk.

Something to note is that one should avoid the excessive presence of crystals on the table.

So do pay attention the size of the table when deciding how many crystals to use.

1 large crystal ball is usually more than enough energizing a desk can handle.

For females, it is best placed on the left side. And right side for males.

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