Choosing And Placing Crystal Globes For Feng Shui

The globe is a very common display item found at home and at work.

There’s just something about seeing a model of the earth that touches a part of us inside. Maybe something to do with a reminder that we as individuals are just a part of the planet, and that in turn is just a small part of the greater universe.

Modern display globes can be found made with all types of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, crystals, etc.

And one of the more popular variants is crystal globes.

From a metaphysical and feng shui point of view, crystal is representative of the earth element. And as such, very suitable for a replica model of the planet Earth when we talk about manifestation and intangible energy.

Even though crystals are generally made up of earth energy, different types of crystals can also possess different types of elemental energy as well other than earth element.

This can affect whether they are suitable for certain individuals, and also influence how much certain types of globes can bring the luck that the user originally desire.

Types of crystals

While we can sometimes find globes made of crystals like lapis lazuli (blue lapis), amber, and even jade, etc, the majority of crystal globes are made out of manufactured crystals instead of natural crystals.

This is partly because it can be difficult to design and carve our a world map on a natural gemstone without breaking or cracking it. On top of that, when a miner comes across a precious stone with a size big enough for a globe display artifact, shaping it into one is probably the last thing on his mind. And even when it is properly rounded and hand-crafted, there is a small market who are able to afford and willing to buy them.

This why the majority of crystal globes are made of synthetic crystal, other variants of faux crystal or glass, mostly with the appearance that resembles clear quartz.

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However, real crystals can sometimes be used for designing the intricate detailing of globes.

In any case, a crystal globe would be of earth energy. And it would be safe for people with the zodiac signs of ox, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, and dog. For those with animal zodiac signs other than the ones mentioned, you can still place globes for feng shui. Just that it would be better to have them made in other materials.

From a bazi perspective, display globes made of crystal can be useful for those who are lacking in earth or have earth as a favorable element. This requires more expert analysis to determine.

Crystal globe placement

Because the globe is meant to enhance certain specific aspects of life, such as knowledge, education luck, mentor luck, career progression, etc, we can actually use feng shui to determine the best areas in the house or office to place them.

To aid the study luck of students in the household, a crystal globe can be placed in the study area, the child’s bedroom, or in a common space in the house where the flying star 4 resides.

For example, if you live in a house of the period 8 facing SW1, then you have the below natal chart.

As observed above, the star 4 is located in the east as a sitting mountain star and at the northwest as a facing water star. So these are two sectors of the house where placement of the globe can reap the most benefits.

Ideally, the east is the child’s bedroom and northwest is the study room or a common living space such as the living room.

Otherwise, just placing a globe on your child’s study desk can be beneficial, but would not be maximizing it’s potential powers.

The crystal globe can also be a nice boost for career luck for those involved in professions related to research, science, and academics.

Globe placement is more liberal when it comes to career-related luck. They are basically appropriate for work stations, cubicles and offices. Some practitioners advocate that men should place globes on their right and women place them on the right.

For maximum effect, personal auspicious locations would be ideal.

For example, using personal kua numbers would enable one to determine his or her sheng chi direction. If a guy has kua number 3, his sheng chi direction would be south. This would be where the crystal globe is placed.

In recent times, businesses have also started to display globes in strategic areas for feng shui.

Some of the common areas include reception areas, near cash registers, awards and trophy cabinets, etc.

The reasoning behind this is that either they have operations overseas and would like to sustain or improve on them, or that they have dreams of expanding overseas. The globe is supposed to bring more luck with overseas ventures.

This also makes crystals globes appropriate as business gifts.

The multi-tiered usage of globes make them one of the favorite feng shui items that homeowners purchase for display. Mova globes for example, are getting very popular with feng shui enthusiasts.

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