9 Best Crystals For Abundance

We often hear about attracting abundance into our lives when we talk about feng shui and bazi.

And crystals and semi-precious gemstones have long been used by various concepts of metaphysics to do just that for centuries.

While crystals do have an association with feng shui, just be mindful that when crystals are mentioned in metaphysics and manifestations, it is more often discussed in the world of chakras rather than feng shui.

To attract abundance into your life with crystals, you must first determine what does abundance actually mean.

What is abundance?

This is really something that is subjective and varies from one person to another.

Even though every person would have individualistic thoughts of what abundance means, it can generally be referred to as a life that is not just full of contentment. But overflowing with it.

In terms of wealth, one might make more money than he can spend. In terms of health, one could continue to experience little to no health complications even through he lives an unhealthy lifestyle. And in terms of relationships, one could be receiving more love than deserved.

Instead of being politically correct and say that money is not everything in life. Most people would agree (consciously or unconsciously) that money would solve almost all types of problems in life.

And those that cannot be solved by money, most of us tend to feel that money would still give us the greatest chance of solving them.

For example, should one encounters serious health problems like illnesses and injuries, having a fat personal bank account would enable him to seek medical help from the best doctors around. And while romance and love have little to do with money, money sure enables a couple to embark on more romantic experiences to further build that relationship.

Nevertheless, wealth can also be a state of mind where one never feels that he or she is lacking in any aspect in life.

So for the majority of people, abundance generally means wealth in all areas of life. Especially the money aspect.

Crystals for abundance

Here are the best crystals to attract abundance into your life.

1) Citrine

Citrine is one of the mass market crystals that are easily available to consumers.

They are affordable and can be found in almost any crystal store you walk into.

It might somewhat surprise people to find that citrine is one of the most powerful crystals that attract wealth and abundance.

It has a high vibration rate and opens the mind to limitless possibilities in the abundant cosmic universe.

This means this is a yellow crystal that don’t just attract money luck, but also enhances your ability to open up your mind and look at the material world in many perspectives.

It is the ultimate crystal for financial abundance.

2) Tiger’s eye

This is an oddly named gemstone… but not without reason. And one look at it would tell you why it’s name is justified.

The stripped gemstone has a high earthy chakra vibration and produces a rippling effect on light reflecting off it. So much so that a lamp is placed directly above a tiger’s eye stone, it can appear bright from one angle but dark from another.

This is a crystal of optimistic prowess.

A person who seldom sees the bright side of things can often have that mindset slowly reversed.

It’s no wonder, this is a stone that is often recommended for those suffering from negative mental states like depression.

3) Jade

Jade is a gemstone with very strong feng shui associations.

In fact, objects and artifacts are often perceived in high regards when they are carved out from jade.

Popular feng shui items that are often made of jade include the wealth ship, abacus, arowana display items, etc.

While it’s chakra vibrations hugely depend on it’s color, jadeite is strongly related to wealth aspects in life.

It is also known to purify the soul.

If ever you get indecisive with what crystals to get for display in the house, you just cannot go wrong with jade.

4) Pyrite

Pyrite is what is often known as fool’s gold because of it’s strong resemblance to the valuable metal.

It is a stone of positivity and many believe that it is able to carve out an abundant mindset out of anyone.

In feng shui, they are almost exclusively associated with money luck.

Couple this with it’s positive aura that it carries around, it is one of the best generally favorable crystals to have on display at home, or to carry around as a personal emblem.

Jewelry are often designed and crafted with it as the focal stone.

5) Aventurine

Aventurine is a green precious stone famous for it’s ability to attract good luck in general.

This is exactly the type of all-encumbering luck you need to attract and manifest abundance in all areas of life into your life.

Not just that.

It is also known as a healing stone in the area of correcting bad habits and mentality.

When you are seeking progress in life, aventurine is one of the crystals to have in your accessory drawer.

6) Garnet

Garnet is one of the most potent stones of manifestation with it’s acclaimed ability to turn vision into reality.

It encourages self-improvement and related to prosperity.

On top of that, it is a famed relationship crystal that many swear by it’s innate ability to heal broken relationships and transcend existing ones.

There are actually various types of garnet including melanite, hessonite and red garnet.

The one that you might particularly want to get is pyrope.

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7) Agate

Agate is popularly purchased in blue and red.

Blue agate in particular is a very suitable crystal for abundance.

It specifically improves wealth luck and has a positive effect on a person’s mental well-being.

8) Hawk’s eye

As the name sounds, this is a gemstone that is meant to help one gain a perception of things from a bird’s eye view.

While it has no direct associations with wealth luck, it does connect directly with our minds.

It improves comprehension, increases awareness, and promotes a calm mind.

All the critical factors that aids one in decision making.

So while hawk’s eye does not directly improve wealth luck, there is a clear indirect relationship to it.

9) Amethyst

Amethyst cluster

How can we discuss crystals for abundance without mentioning the one member that in the last decade, has slowly earned the most commanding presence in households in the East.

When people get amethyst for feng shui, amethyst geode caves are used instead of common crystal clusters.

The geodes are much larger than the average crystal size and can sometimes take up the whole corner of living rooms.

Thus even though they are not the most common crystals that homeowners have at homes, their presence is more noticeable than any other crystals due to their size.

Amethyst geodes did not make their way to so many homes by accident.

It’s because they serve as a strong attractor of abundance, and a powerful defender against obstacles.

Because amethyst caves can be expensive, this is a playground for those who are really serious about crystals for abundance.

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