8 Best Crystals And Healing Gemstones For Anxiety

Anxiety disorder is something that people who don’t suffer from it will never understand. Even many of the sufferers don’t understand it themselves.

And I say this having known people who have been diagnosed for anxiety and panic attacks.

I can never know how it really feels like to have these medical conditions. Yet I can tell that sufferers genuinely have their lives impacted by it.

It’s just not something that you can spot with an x-ray like a bone fracture, and have it cured by holding them together to start healing.

Many experts see recovering from anxiety disorders related to the healing of the mind. Which is why healing crystals are commonly suggested as alternative health remedies to treat those who are suffering from such disorders.

Here are some of the most effective healing gemstones used by those seeking to recover from anxiety conditions.

1) Blue lace agate

This is a crystal that is almost the default stone that is recommended by meditation experts to relieve people from stress and calm down from anxiety.

It has a soothing vibration that has a calming and centering effect on the user.

They are beautiful with their wavy bands too.

Blue lace agate is so infamous for this purpose that many people wear them as feng shui bracelets or carry them in their bags to to seek some relief from the daily stress.

2) Rose quartz

Rose quartz is often used in feng shui to attract love and romance partners.

But it can also be used for self-love.

The road to ridding yourself from anxiety starts from within yourself. And rose quartz helps one get on the right track by appreciating oneself for both the virtues and flaws.

They are one of the most popular crystal gemstones that are readily available everywhere.

This also means that they are available in all types of shapes, forms, designs and carvings.

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You would surely be able to find one that you find affinity with.

3) Shungite

Shungite is one of the most ancient natural gemstones on earth. The oldest ones that have been dug up is estimated to be approximately 2 billions years.

It is known to be act as a barrier against electromagnetic fields (EMF), which help ones keep his or her chakras from being distorted by electronic devices like computers and smart phones.

In addition to that, this healing stone is said to detoxify and purify by removing negative energy.

Keeping one at the work place can help alleviate stressful situations and call on a calmer mind.

4) Moonstone

Moonstone is a crystal that encourages emotional stability.

It therefore induces users to find refuge with their logical minds instead of allowing their emotions to get the better of them during situations when they are under pressure.

They are often used by those who are trying kick out bad habits from behavior patterns and those trying to manage panic attacks.

Because of it’s association with females and motherly love, they are one of the favorites of mothers who are being stressed from taking care of their children.

Saying that, they are not solely meant for females. Men can use them to manage anxiety too.

5) Fluoride

Fluoride gemstones have vibrations that bring peace to the mind.

It’s energy is also able to protect one from psychological damages arising from mental attacks.

They are thus very appropriate in places where one is constantly taking angry orders from someone else.

This colorful stones would also be a great addition to the meditation room or zen room.

It’s no surprise of frequently find them in spas where people relax and recharge themselves after a tough day at work.

6) Soladite

Soladite is an amazingly beautiful blue stone that promotes stability of the mind.

It helps anxiety disorder sufferers let go of fears and personal insecurities by nurturing self-confidence within themselves.

So negativity is naturally let go by anxiety victims when they are ready.

You can carry one with you, maybe in your pocket, whenever something is coming up where you would be placed in a nervous situation.

7) Black obsidian

Obsidian is a self-healing stone that improves self-awareness.

If you are already taking action to manage anxiety issues with meditation or spiritual activities, black obsidian can be your quiet sidekick silently supporting you on your personal journey inwards.

They are one of the best manifestation stones as well.

8) Lepidolite

Lepidolite is also one of the most common prescriptions endorsed by energy experts for those suffering from anxiety, anger issues and panic attacks.

Sometimes, they are even used by people suffering from depression too.

One of the reasons for it’s popularity is that it naturally contains lithium. A component that is found in medication for anxiety sufferers.

It helps the user center himself or herself when trying to find balance. So it would be very suitable for meditation areas too.

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