Cul-de-sac And Dead End Roads In Feng Shui

Some people love the thought of having their homes situated at the end of a cul-de-sac as it can look majestic in some angles, appearing like the chief destination where a road brings a traveler.

These houses usually enjoy much more visual prominence and can even be the envy of neighbors.

They hardly get any noise pollution from traffic, an owner can identify a stranger’s car from approach, less traffic means more safety for children playing about, and real estate agents swear by their higher values compared to a neighbor’s house on the same street.

For most people who are starting out with feng shui, it might seem intuitive that a house that enjoys such attention and benefits would be good feng shui.

But the contrary is true.

This is because feng shui is about energy dynamics and the configuration of dead end roads actually enables energy to gather pace and hit a house at the end of it with full force.

As can be observed in the illustrated image above, house number 1 would suffer a direct impact from hostile energy at full force.

This makes such a house undesirable in terms of feng shui. The affliction would compound should the main door into the house is directly in front of the dead end road.

If the cul-de-sac is at the south of the house, then it can mean residents vulnerable to heart issues as this cardinal sector is associated with this body organ among other things.

Since the afflicted house appears to by house #1, you might think that house #2 and #3 would be safe and in the clear.

That’s really not the case.

In the event that it’s a short and small minor road, then the impact might be limited to #1.

But if the road is wide and long, then #2 and #3 can be indirectly afflicted as well.

A good example of how this works is the crash site of meteors. Even though a meteor might be 1 meter in diameter, the impact crater can be 100 meters!

So judgment is needed to assess how strong this source of sha chi is.

If you are unsure, then it’s best to err on the side of caution and avoid house #1 completely.

What if you are already living in such a house? We’ll talk about that later.

Slope of road

Some people might insist that the cul de sac is upslope or downslope. Which means that vehicles would slow down on approach, effectively minimizing the power of the harmful energy force.

The truth is that if the road approaches the house downwards, then the force would be multiplied.

It’s simple gravity physics that don’t require Newton to conduct a lecture for us to understand.

If it’s approaching house upwards, it means that the house has a facing that directly faces a downward slope!

This suggests that every from wealth to career to success would go on a downward trend.

So slopes of any kind would just compound the dead end road problem. Not alleviate it.

How to manage a cul-de-sac

Front doors are vulnerable to all types of feng shui poison arrows. And most of them can be effectively resolved.

But this is a very bad feng shui affliction that you can only manage instead of solve.

The recommendation again, is to avoid such houses.

If that is impossible, then there are some things that you can consider implementing.

Front door

Don’t construct the front door to face the road. That would be like opening your mouth to invite a spear to pierce through.

The last I’ve checked, that not a stunt even Houdini would attempt.

Locate the front door at the side of the house.


You can also orientate the driveway to arrive at the house from the side.

This can be very logical if you relocate the main entrance to the side.

If the direct entry into the driveway cannot be avoided, consider building a road hump so that the car would absolutely have to slow down on approach.

It also disrupts any direct energy crashing in from a straight line.


If you house is fenced, consider building a strong metal gate to shield the house from these energy attacks.

This can be most ideal if the road is coming from an east or southeast direction as metal destroys wood (the energy base from these directions).

Water feature

Consider installing an outdoor water feature in front of the house, in between the road and house facade.

This helps to erect a water wall that slows down and even hold off hostile energy arriving in a high speed.

However, care must be taken when constructing water features as they can cause the bad feng shui as well when the placement is wrong.


If landscaping is an option, then consider creating a curvy pathway to your front door.

For added measure, place huge boulders in front of the house to act as mountains protecting it from harm outside the perimeters.

Elemental remedy

If none of the above is applicable for your property, then your only option left might be to setup micro cures to manage this affliction.

Take note that this does not help the house fend off the negative energy. It just helps to weaken it.

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Identify the direction in which the road is arriving at. This is probably the facing direction of the house.

Then place items along the windows or doors facing it with elemental energy that counters the source energy.

For example, if the sha chi is originating from the south, then this energy has a fire element base. The placement of aquariums (water element) would be able to counter the fire energy.

The following table is a list of source energy and their counter elements.

Source Counter
North Earth
South Water
East Metal
West Fire
Northeast Wood
Northwest Fire
Southeast Metal
Southwest Wood

It’s worth repeating that the cul-de-sac feng shui problem is a very serious one.

If you are currently looking to buy a house with this issue, it is strongly suggested to avoid.

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