The Appearance Of A Death Star In Bazi Is Not What It Sounds Like

The use of wordings in classical writings of feng shui and bazi is understandably in Chinese. And sometimes a direct interpretation of language can cause a lost in translation.

This can be most commonly observed in the use of the word god (神) in many aspects of Chinese metaphysics.

Because while this mandarin word literally translates to god, it does not mean a god as in a religious sense. But actually a reference to types of energy, characteristics, connotations, etc.

For this reason of translated words, many people can get a fright when they realize that they have a death star (亡神) in their bazi.

Sometimes also known as the warrior star, discovering it in a person’s 8 characters does not mean that life would be snuffed out of this guy before you know it.

On the contrary, a person with this symbolic star suggest a courageous personality trait with a high ability to plan things.

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It also borrows some traits from the sword star in that it can indicate a person who finds purpose in fighting for the cause of others.

Identifying the death star

To determine the death star of an individual, reference must be taken from the day or year earthly branch.

Day or Year Branch
Death Star
E1 E12
E2 E9
E3 E6
E4 E3
E5 E12
E6 E9
E7 E6
E8 E3
E9 E12
E10 E9
E11 E6
E12 E3

Legend of symbols can be found here.

For example, if you have the branches E10 and E8 on the day and year pillars, then your death star would be represented by E9 and E3. Should any of these two branches appear on your bazi, then it is deemed that you have the power of the death star.

Even if someone is a natural scaredy cat, he would often find himself in circumstances that require him to call on his courage.

As can be seen from the above table, the warrior star can only be 4 out of the possible 12 earth branches in ganzhi.

And because the year branch represents the zodiac sign of a person, it can be deduced that people with certain zodiac signs would have a specific death star as the following table shows.

Zodiac Death Star
Rat, Dragon, Monkey Pig (E12)
Ox, Snake, Rooster Monkey (E9)
Tiger, Horse, Dog Snake (E6)
Rabbit, Goat, Pig Tiger (E3)

So if you are an ox zodiac, one of your death star would be monkey (E9) which is also associated with a south-westerly direction.

Implications in bazi

While it was mentioned above that someone with the death star could have positive personal traits, it can also be a pretty destructive star when unfavorable under all the wrong conditions.

When that occurs, then this person would often run into brushes with the law like legal conflicts, and even great misfortune to the spouse or the relationship between each other.

So when it is absent from bazi but arrives from a luck pillar, one should take great care into managing this affliction when it is an unfavorable character, especially to the day pillar which consist of the day master (stem) and palace of marriage (branch).

The death star can sometimes also appear as an individual who was born under the zodiac sign of your death star.

This is why people often only find courage within themselves in the presence of particular people.

Particular individuals with your death star can also become the catalyst to extra marital affairs even when that individual is not the third party. Or be a person that causes lawsuits to happen.

So do watch your back.

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