Dog Zodiac (1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018)

The dog is the most popular domesticated pet in the world and it was already a very popular animal in ancient China.

While primates have the closes DNA with humans, dogs get along with us the best. It’s no coincidence that they are often affectionately called man’s best friend.

It carries various symbolism in different parts of China.

In the north for example, it is known to be able to drive away evil spirits. In the south, legendary stories abound of how they sacrifice themselves to save their owners.

Even in archaeological excavation exercises, dogs made of of pottery were discovered. Proving that they’ve long had a bond with humans since ancient times.

A folklore of how the dog became a zodiac signs was that the Jade Emperor summoned the animals to heaven for a race to represent a zodiac sign. And the dog was finding the cat as it’s primary competition. An argument ignited between and the cat went into hide as it was afraid of the dog’s bite. It was then that the dog realized that the selection was almost finished and rushed to keep up with the other animals and managed to make it as the eleventh of the 12 zodiacs. The cat, still in hiding, missed out as the pig became the twelve.

In mythology, the dog is most famously depicted as the celestial hound and trusted sidekick of Erlang Shen (二郎神). A god with a third eye capable of seeing the truth in deceit.

And in feng shui, they are best known for the pair of male and female fu dogs (lion dogs) that guard a house from negative energy.

The dog hours, which can also be called the Xu hours (戌), are between 1900 to 2100. And it’s related to the Bo () hexagram, and Chien trigram.

Xu is the eleventh of the 12 earthly branches and a direct translation can the meaning of destruction and rejection.

The elemental base is yang earth (陽土) and is linked to the later period of autumn season from October to November.

With regards to TCM practices, Xu can refer to the body parts of stomach and cardiovascular area.

It sits on northwest on the compass at 292.5° – 307.5°.

It is ranked as the eleventh zodiac, fundamentally associated with yang metal element, related to the season of autumn and the month of October.


Loyalty, vigilant, righteous, observant, sense of humor, ethical, fair.


Pessimistic, rash, temperamental, apprehensive, gullible, bad judgment, critical.


People born in the dog year love honesty and a strong defender of their beliefs.

They also tend to be selfless, courageous, and every so willing to fight for their loved ones and for what they feel is right until their last breathe.

Justice and cautiousness is a strong driver of their behavior.

However, a strong advocate of political correctness can often lead them to awkward situations when they cannot accept reality that proves otherwise.

They are also sensitive and empathetic to people around them. But usually unable to keep secrets.

Love life

Dogs can be nervous and anxious before a partner proves that she can be trusted.

Only when one wins over the trust of a dog will he be able to open and reveal his vulnerabilities.

However, they might prefer a simple and quiet lifestyle over an adventurous one.

Relationships tend to grow slowly instead of burning with passion and desire from the start.

They can sometimes also be too frank and critical. So a partner has to be able to appreciate people with these attributes.

Otherwise, they are predictable and make great long-term partners.

Relationship with others

Compatible partners are the Horse, Tiger and Rabbit.

Compatible friends include the Snake, Monkey, Rat, Pig and other Dogs.

Incompatible zodiacs are the Ox, Goat and Dragon.

These are basic relationships between zodiacs which can have more profound meaning when looked deeper into.


Because of a strong moral compass and sense of justice, the dog is very suitable for positions of authority.

Ideal for government jobs.

They make very good followers but are not natural leaders. This also means that the best way to nurture leadership is with the help of a mentor.

They work well with teams, especially when the roles of everyone are very clearly defined.

You can expect dog personalities to persevere in following through.

A intuitive artistic nature also makes them able to thrive in creative work.

Career will tend to peak at middle-age.


It is often suggested that the best years for dog zodiac individuals to get married are the years of Tiger, Rabbit and Horse.

The most auspicious months are the first, fifth and ninth months. And the best day tend to be the 5th day of the 1st month.

The third day of the 3rd month can be a very inauspicious day to schedule any important personal or business events.

5 Elemental Dogs

The 5 elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water attach themselves to each horoscope. This can indicate different life aspects to each.

Wood dog (1934, 1994)

The wood dog is sociable and popular with everyone. Family is what’s most important and their happiness is what motivates him to do more each day.

This is a personality who can confuse and convince when the situation demands it. However, he can be too gullible at times.

Developing self-confidence is key to success in life pursuits.

Fire dog (1946, 2006)

The fire dog will lead a charmed life with luck often in his corner. He sometimes intentionally creates a mess so that he can enjoy cleaning it up. He will become a credible person in his personal and professional life.

It can be difficult to connect with fire dogs at a personal level. And sometimes, it can even be difficult to live with them due to an unpredictable mood.

Travel will be a big indulgence.

Earth dog (1958, 2018)

The earth dog is a perfectionist and a strong contender to be OCD. Organization is the name of the game and he can be easily turned off by a lack of systems.

A honest natures makes them appreciated by colleagues and friends. A tendency to look at the bigger picture rather than self-interest further emphasizes this.

Often mysterious, he would find it tough to accumulate wealth in the long term.

Metal dog (1970)

The metal dog can be bossy and domineering. With the right opportunities, they will be able to attain high positions of power and authority.

They have an innate ability to sniff out the weakness of others and attack it if necessary.

While family orientated, they might be loathed by subordinates and friends.

Metal dogs need to learn how not to voluntarily laden themselves with the burdens of others to live a more balanced life.

Water dog (1982)

The water dog has a fun personality that easily attracts more friends. A restless nature means that he constantly needs to find new things to occupy his time and energy.

They are fierce defenders of what is right. Making them suitable in areas where the rights or welfare of others are being protected.

Water dogs often eventually find themselves seeking spirituality.

Fortune in Chinese zodiac years

The dog year is understandably a cautious one in astrology that people need to be mindful of.

Those born in the year of the dog will experience ups and downs in different zodiac years.

Dog in rat year

This won’t be a good year for the dog as he will experience various events that he just don’t like. Relief would most likely arrive together with the winter season.

This is down to his sense of correctness and things just don’t seem right to him.

Be patient and understand that your values don’t apply to everyone.

If you are awaiting an epitome moment, it’s not going to happen this year. Especially if it concerns a pending windfall.

Dog in ox year

Things will almost always seem to come up short to the dog’s expectations.

Another year of patience is best.

Avoid offending people with your honesty. Not everybody appreciates candidness. Some prefer to be lied to.

Trouble is brewing below the surface in all types of endeavors. Certainly not a time to indulge in speculation.

A potential third party can appear. But will be blocked easily as long as you give you partner a little extra attention.

An accident prone year.

Dog in tiger year

It would be a productive year. Things might not be happening at a high volume and fast pace. But it’s also satisfactory to expectations.

Reap all the benefits you can and enjoy the ride.

Business people will see growth. Career people would see progression and recognition. Summer has high potential for good things to happen.

Be careful of scams.

Dog in rabbit year

Problems, competition and enemies will magically disappear.

With obstacles out of the way, the dog has to make a decision of whether to forge ahead or stay contented.

Danger lies ahead as a fine line defines success and failure. Spring presents the best opportune time to venture. Windfall luck can come into the picture from summer to autumn.

Expect a period of giving advice and mentorship.

Dog in dragon year

The dog will have to play second fiddle to the dragon this year as celestial energy will overrun him.

As there is little point in fighting an irresistible force, it would be wise to spend time taking stock and plan for the foreseeable future.

The early part of the year should be a time of consolidation in preparing for the challenges coming up in the second half of the year.

The biggest obstacles would arrive once the calendar hit autumn.

Dog in snake year

It is potentially a year of betrayal and distrust.

It is at this time where experience learned from previous years could guide you on the best course of action.

When in doubt, trust your gut feeling instead of going with the crowd.

Money luck can be harvested if you get your decisions right.

Learn to let go of ideals or it would be a year full of conflicts.

Dog in horse year

Even though it would generally be a good year, it will also be filled with small setbacks. But nothing disastrous.

It is critical to stay true to yourself as the rainbow after the drizzle is already forming at the horizon.

Reap what you can in the first half of the year as the second half will not match up to the first.

Dog in goat year

It will be a smooth year ahead.

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Hard work will be rewarded. And calculated investments will see healthy returns.

Positive results would see the biggest impact in spring and summer. It only starts to lull when autumn approaches.

Be wary of people asking for financial favors as you are probably not going to see your money again.

Singles can potentially meet marriage partners this year.

Dog in monkey year

The monkey year will present an avalanche of opportunities for the dog. Some of which can be life-altering for the better.

The best financial rewards will come from bold action.

At the same time, don’t for a moment think that success is a given.

Windfalls can greet you in the first half of the year.

Someone or something from far away will make an impact on your life.

Illness can follow you around for the whole year.

Dog in rooster year

The idealistic mentality of the dog is scheduled for a rude awakening as practicality might dictate his decisions for the rooster year.

Don’t see this as a compromise to your principles. But rather as a life experience that everybody goes through.

You will emerge stronger than before.

However, it will still be a good period financially and romantically.

Dog in dog year

The dog might enjoy celebrity status for his values.

Not only will he be praised, but also admired by others. Enjoy the moment.

Routines might be disrupted from situations which have gone unnoticed.

It’s going to be a bad year for romance and existing relationships.

Be extra careful in avoiding accidents.

Dog in pig year

Stability is the theme of the year as the dog find it a smooth period with little disturbance.

This concerns most aspects of life including career, wealth and romance.

It would be a good time to let your guard down and enjoy some of life’s pleasures.

There is never a better time.

But you might lose some personal property. So keep an eye on your belongings.

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