5 Ways To Remedy The Door Facing Door Feng Shui Problem

In modern homes, especially apartments, it’s all to common to find house layouts designed with bedroom doors facing other doors.

Some of the common doors that bedroom doors can be configured to face are:

But the most common for the door facing door layout is having a bedroom door open up to directly face another bedroom door. This is without considering the various other sources of conflict that can exist in front of a bedroom door.

As apartments get smaller and smaller, this is a design trend that is only going to get worse in future.

While such door-to-door configurations can have adverse feng shui affect various life aspects, the most well-known predicament is that it gives rise to the prospect of conflicts and disharmony between the occupants of the rooms afflicted.

This form of sha chi is what is commonly known in Chinese as dou ko sha (鬥口煞).

Feng shui remedies to resolve such afflictions can vary from energy management to symbolic feng shui.

Here are some of the most common ways feng shui masters recommend when homeowners face this door-face-door problem.

1) Hang curtains on door

The curtain is one of the most useful home fixtures to manage energy flow.

It’s not just something that should be affixed to the windows by default. They can also be used to demarcate areas and even create “walls” or “barriers”.

In this case, putting curtains on doors would be able to “hide” one door from the other.

While curtains on both doors would be able to alleviate this affliction, if only one curtain is to be used, then it should be on the bedroom door belonging to the less senior member of the household.

2) Install lighting between doors

The idea of setting up a lighting fixture such as a down light in the area between the two doors is that it would add yang energy into the empty space.

In addition, it sheds light on the visual aspect.

This is to counter the prospect of dark looking doors or dark visuals into the room which can cause yin energy to link up between the two doors that lead into the rooms.

3) Water feature in between

Water, as all feng shui hobbyists knows, has an ability to slow down and hold energy.

Setting one up in between the two bedroom doors would be able to calm down the confrontational nature of the energy present.

This is actually a very widely practiced feng shui method of bringing harmony to relationships.

For instance, the infamous yin water remedy is often used to call on peace with neighboring households.

The same concept can be applied to the door-facing-door feng shui issue.

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However, take note that because of the area of space concerned might be quite small, any indoor water feature used has to be proportionately appropriate to the space or hallway.

For this purpose, both yin water or yang water features can be used.

4) Hang crystals

Anyone who have seen a crystal before, especially observing one in their hands, would have realized that they have an ability to split natural and artificial light into their spectrums.

This is an indication of how crystals are able to disperse energy.

So hanging clear crystals on the bedroom doors would be able to dissipate the force of the head-to-head meeting of energy from the two rooms.

While there are various types of crystals that are able to do this, the recommended variant is clear quartz.

5) Hang flower paintings in between

Even though different types of flowers can carry distinctively different symbolism, most would already possess the underlying symbolism of peace and harmony.

It’s no coincidence that in Hollywood movies that scenes of peace and tranquility are often filmed in fields of plants and flowers.

Hanging paintings of flowers in the space in between the two doors would be able to harmonize conflicting energy to a certain extent.

The suggested flowers are lotus, peonies or orchids.

Setting up feng shui remedy

With the different types of remedies listed above, some homeowners might find that setting some of them up might cause obstruction to walkways that can both cause inconvenience or unsightly aesthetics.

This is why the best configuration is when there is an indent of space between the confrontational doors. This might or might not be available for homeowners.

With such a layout, one would be able to set up water features such as small fountains, aquariums or plants in the space without causing any obstruction to any walkway.

Some creative homeowners have even built cabinets in these spaces, and design an open display space to place the feng shui remedies. Sort of like in a hole-in-the-wall manner.

Finally, do note that just because two doors with one facing another does not mean that affliction exist.

If one door leads to a room without a resident such as a storeroom or guest room, then there’s nothing to be afflicted with. Just like how the presence of mountain stars in flying star feng shui does not necessarily mean that they are active.

When a room has no inhabitants, there is no member to be in conflict with!

However, this is not the case with multiple doors aligned in a straight line. That is a different feng shui ailment altogether that must be managed to prevent wealth loss.

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