Simple Ways To Dot The Dragon’s Eyes

The dragon is one of the most popular artifacts used as display items for home interiors.

Homeowners who place them don’t necessarily practice feng shui or have the dragon zodiac, but a lot of time find it a perfect addition to the home design. Especially when they are implementing an oriental theme in the living space.

But if you are one who believes that bringing a dragon into the house would draw on the celestial creature’s powers in some way, then one of the most important rituals to conduct is dotting the dragon’s eyes.

To dot the dragon’s eyes is a phrase used to describe an act that awaken’s the benevolent beast by “opening” it’s eyes. Sort of like switching on the refrigerator for the very first time so that it can keep running indefinitely for as long as you need it to.

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Whether you bring it into the dwelling via paintings, display objects or designs on fixtures, etc, it is often said that failing to dot the eyes is akin to keeping a sleeping dragon rather than one that is awake.

Depending in what form you bring the dragon into the house, there are some commonly practiced ways to dot it’s eyes.

1) Paint brush

When the dragon is in the form of a figurine or design on things like porcelain ware, prepare a paint brush with some newly mixed black ink.

Choose a day of the dragon by referencing the Hsia Calendar, and at the hour of the dragon between 7am and 9am, and gently dap the ink on the eyes of your dragon.

If you are into scholastic pursuits, using a calligraphy brush would be even more appropriate.

2) Incense smoke

When the form of your dragon is on something that ink is unsuitable for such as a painting, then using ink can be unsuitable. Surely you don’t want to destroy your pricey artwork.

In this case, using incense smoke can be more appropriate.

Again, select a day and at the appropriate time, light up your incense stick and symbolically light up the creature’s eye with a gentle movement.

3) Temple

For those who are more religious, it is not uncommon to find people bring their display items to the temple to “charge” it up with incense smoke directly from the primary incense cauldron.

If you decide to go this route, remember the cover the eyes of the dragon after dotting it with a red cloth when you leave the temple.

This is to prevent the dragon from absorbing negative energy which it observes on the way home. Otherwise, this negative energy would be brought home with you.

Only when you reach home should you remove the red cloth to reveal the dragon’s eyes.

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